Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Truth

My guyfriend, who faithfully reads my blog (what a great guy!), related that he thought my last two posts, which were about my divorce, were way too personal and might make some people uncomfortable. But rather than delete them or revise them I want to keep them as they were written. I know what I wrote about is very intimate but it is the truth and it was how I was feeling at the time. And that is the whole reason I started to blog in the first place - to have a safe place I could go where my reality could be revealed.

After my husband died, I just found it very important to live and tell the truth. I want to present what is going on in my life in an accurate and honest way. So for me, that means relating some of the more personal details about my marriage. This blog has been the only place where I have had an opportunity to do that.

I apologize if my words, thoughts and details may have been offensive. But I am grateful for having a forum in which to share my life. And for me right now that means processing certain aspects of my marriage (some of which are icky). Thanks for bearing with me.

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