Monday, April 27, 2009

Plugging Away

Well, I survived my work day on Sunday. I did admit I was not ready to handle a cash register on my own and I got a little more time working with someone before I was thrown in. Yes, I made some mistakes and had to ask for help. But I made it through and did not leave with a headache. Things are still confusing but I'll try and do the best I can and get through this training period. This course of action sounds a lot like widowhood. Trying to get through the best I can. I've sure had a lot of practice in that regard. Now I'll try and apply it to this work situation.

Today I am grateful:

1. That trying circumstances come to an end (like the first few days on a new job).
2. For my ability to see beyond what others do - Okay, so I transposed the amount due to a customer who was making a big deal about it. (I told her the amount due was 12.67 instead of 12.76.) I knew she had gotten the correct change back and no harm was done but a little confusion. I could let it go because in the grand scheme of life this is a nothing incident, of no consequence.
3. For April showers bringing May flowers.
4. For the truth behind one door closing and another opening.
5. For escape t.v. shows like Dancing with the Stars, Hell's Kitchen and American Idol - I know I need these in my life to give myself a little breather from reality.

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