Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No regrets

The other week while grocery shopping, I spied a box of a dozen, assorted Krispy Kreme donuts. I picked them up but ultimately passed at the $6.99 cost. But I never forgot those donuts and went back to the store on subsequent days to get them. The bad thing was that I didn't see another box of the assorted donuts - just the glazed ones. So I still kept thinking about those donuts and a couple Sundays back drove over to the local Krispy Kreme store to find that the store had closed (another casualty of the Recession). I was disappointed and computed that the cost of all the shopping trips to the stores ended up costing me around $6.99 anyway so I just should have gotten the donuts when I'd seen them in the first place!

Moral of the story - to go for things at the time instead of waiting and then facing the possibility of losing out. If I equate that to my marriage, I can say that at least I gave it a well-intentioned shot. It sadly didn't work out but I don't have to always wonder about it like I would if I hadn't gotten married. I took a chance and even if it failed, there is some solace that I did it. So I'll never regret remarrying and the hope I held for the future. And the next time I struggle with a realitively minor purchase like the donuts, I hope I have the strength to put them in my cart, forget about feeling guilty over the cost or calories and just enjoy one or two with a cold glass of milk!

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  1. Hey--like you say, you gave it everything you had. Now is the time--to indulge yourself in WHATEVER you want!!! Gosh, I love those donuts.