Saturday, November 7, 2009

Miracle Fast Food Free Week!

Note : This was supposed to post from a draft on Mon. 11/9 but it is coming up the date that I started to write and then saved it (11/7). I'm trying to get through the month with a post a day so this needs to count for Mon. the 9th.

My goal last week was to get through it without resorting to takeout or drive through window stuff. I am proud to say I made it, although one son turned his nose up at the soup and the other the French toast. I have also made it through the first two full weeks of my Certified Nursing Assistant class - only three left to go. I am still mentally and physically drained. I am off this a.m. to a six-hour shift at the Big Box store and need to catch up on reading and studying tonight. At least I know that there are dinner fixings here (tacos) and my having survived the past weeks is giving me some sense of encouragement and optimism. I am trying to figure out how I can take the boys to see the town and house GF has to moved to as well as to tour the school. I'm debating taking them out of school on Fri. but am up against volleyball practice on Thur. night and the BIG football game Fri. night. If we don't leave until after VB practice, we won't get into the town until 2 a.m. on Fri. and I'm not sure that is productive. I asked my son if he could just go to half the practice but what would be optimal is us leaving right after school on Thur. If he misses the practice he won't start in his game on Saturday - maybe that is just the consequence that has to be accepted. For now, I told him that we'd both still have some time to mull it all over.

A week's worth of cheap eating at home - maybe the first time this has happened in a year?

11/1 Sun - refrigerated soup from the deli in French bread bowls, carrots & dip

11/2 Mon - spaghetti & Italian turkey meatballs, mixed veggies (California style), Texas cheese toast

11/3 Tue - French toast, canned peaches, hash brown patties, sausage links

11/4 Wed - turkey hot dogs w/canned turkey chili on top & cheese, chips & dip, corn

11/5 Thur. - turkey meatloaf (defrosted & microwaved), cheesy rice, carrots, toast

11/6 Fri - $5.99 bargain pizza (half cheese/half green pepper)

11/7 Sat - Chili topped w/cheese, sour cream & oyster crackers, left over pizza

Deserts this week - Pumpkin pie ($2.50) w/whipped topping & mint chocolate chip ice cream with leftover double chocolate pudding ring cake

Today I am grateful:

1. That there are no Ramen noodles on the menu last week (at least we haven't resorted to that yet).
2. That I feel somewhat more rested because I am forcing myself to lie down, nap or go to bed as early as I can - I refuse to exert myself beyond its limits anymore - I just can't do that now as I did when I was younger.
3. For the compliment the boys' guidance counselor gave me - that the boys are respectful, good kids with their head's on straight and most importantly that they have high values/morals.
4. That it is going to be warmer weather this week - that is such a huge thing for me - scraping the ice off the windshield and all that stuff is something I dread.
5. Hair Dryers - I've used one practically every day for the past 35 years! They need to be acknowledged!

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