Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greatly Humbled

In addition to the terrible loss our community just faced with the death of an academically and athletically gifted high school junior, we also faced the loss of a young man who died while at college as a freshman this spring. He was also an intelligent young man and a very talented athlete.

I saw his dad just last week when he dropped some paperwork off at my girlfriend's house. He rode his bike to accomplish the errand and gave me a wave in greeting. I was astounded that this man who works in a home-based business would be out on a bike, greeting people, much less working only two months past his son's death! I told my girlfriend that I would still be in bed, in some kind of comatose state, probably heavily drugged and/or drinking.

The future emotional battles the parents of these two young men face puts my fretting and complaining in a whole different light. Yes, I'm facing the loss of our home and having to move to smaller quarters. Yes, our new life may be scary and unknown. Yes, our finances are in such a state that we could be considered poor. But the loss of a child is of far more magnitude than all of my problems put together.

My heart absolutely breaks for these parents. I think of them and cannot imagine the road that they will be traveling. I am humbled beyond words - awe struck by their courage and strength. I know there is nothing I can do or say to make their worlds right. I keep thinking of these parents...

Today I am grateful:

1. For the cooler weather - it has been a near perfect summer - not too hot and steamy.
2. That the house inspection is over and now I can concentrate on purging and packing.
3. That I have health insurance.
4. That my sons are safe.
5. For the wave the dad gave me - it greatly impacted me and has inspired me to be stronger.

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