Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sleeping Better Tonight

I went online briefly before dinner and came across sites offering health insurance quotes. I filled in some introductory info. and got a call back from Blue Cross Blue Shield later in the evening. Tonight I will be resting much better because I obtained immediate coverage starting on Friday which will be in effect for the month my actual policy is underwritten. This is a Godsend because my oldest starts Club Volleyball tomorrow night and one of the questions on his application form requests insurance information. I was actually afraid he'd be dropped from the team without insurance.

Instead of the $600.00 a month cost I had feared, this coverage will be $320.00 monthly and can be canceled at anytime (when I obtain full-time work, hopefully soon).

I can't tell you the relief that has come over me. This will not be an expense that is easy to afford but I don't feel I can live without health insurance and this amount is $300.00 less than what I'd first expected. And there are other options I am finding. For about $240.00 a month I could obtain hospital only coverage if I want to reduce the monthly premium. This plan doesn't cover prescription costs so I am still going to need to investigate how to obtain some relief from those costs - Walgreen's has a Prescription Savings Plan I'll probably need to get. And there is still dental care needed.

But at least for the time being we are covered medically if there is an emergency. And I know only too well the realities of hospital bills and medical costs.


  1. I am so glad you managed to find a solution. Being from the UK I have no concept of the worries associated with having no health insurance. I do remember, though, sitting with R in intensive care, wondering how much his 3 days of treatment would have cost and being immensely grateful that it was one less thing to have to worry about.

    Well done you for sorting this out.
    J xxx

  2. What a relief! Give yourself credit for solving a very important problem and taking care of yourself and your kids!