Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life isn't Fair

As if I don't have enough to manage in my already frantic life, the other day someone tossed two tires onto the side of my lawn. So now I have to figure out how to dispose of them, as they have to be recycled and can't be thrown out with the garbage. I don't know why out of all the houses on my block, mine had to be the one targeted. Why couldn't anyone else (all marrieds) have gotten dumped on?

This brings to mind what happened on the night my husband died. He had been in a coma for two weeks and of course that night was emotionally a nightmare. We finally got home from the hospital very late and I was still up at two a.m. doing some laundry. I looked out my front picture window to see an erie sight - a fire burning on my front lawn! As it was close to Halloween, it turns out some kids set my mailbox on fire (I hadn't remembered to pick up the mail with all that was going on). I can only imagine what the fire and police department personnel thought when they responded. I'm sure it wasn't everyday that they were called to put out a fire on the night a 44-year old woman had lost her husband!

I guess my point in relating these two incidents is that I don't think there is any rhyme or reason as to what sometimes happens in our lives. If anyone deserved a break on that chilly late October night five years ago it was me - surely there was another mailbox these kids could have ignited. I even had brief (very brief) thoughts that perhaps it was my newly departed husband sending me some kind of message from the hereafter. But then I came to my senses in knowing that he would never have done anything to scare us in that way - it was just what it was - some high school kids pulling a Halloween prank (although what they did was dangerous and a pretty stupid idea). And I guess in the dark my house looks as good as any other for someone wanting to dump some tires that they don't want to have to dispose of properly. But I'm going to put a message out there to the Universe right now - the next time something like this is going on, could you please intervene so my house isn't the one targeted? I have enough on my plate to deal with right now. In fact, I can barely get my own recycling out!

Today I am grateful:

1. For the warmer Spring weather - no snow or cold for two more seasons, thank goodness!
2. That I am a good cook - I made homemade spaghetti sauce tonight and it was fabulous!
3. That I am remaining calm despite being rather worried about the house situation (whether to file for bankruptcy or not).
4. That my boys are savy on the computer and can come to my aid when I need assistance.
5. For shorts and sandals (I wish I could wear them all year).


  1. I think a place that sells tires might take the old ones--you could call and ask. When I lived alone I had things like that happen and I always wondered, "Why my house?" There is no rhyme nor reason--I got paranoid once and figured it was because the people/kids knew I lived alone, but...that wasn't the just happened. It is as it is.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has gotten paranoid about thinking I'm being "picked on" because I live alone.

  3. As Judy says, there really is no rhyme nor reason. I have had two cracks in my car windscreen in the last couple of months. I have never in my life had a cracked windscreen, so why does it happen now? And then twice in succession? Fortunately it occurred in different places, or I could have become very paranoid about it.

  4. Ironic that you posted this when you did.

    When I arrived home last night, my neighbor came over to tell me that he had spotted a dead deer toward the back of my yard (it's a long property) and that vultures were descending on it. He was very discreet so as not to upset my five year old daughter. Then he offered to drag it off into the woods for me (so that I would not have to juggle a crying daughter and a dead deer, I suppose) and did so.

    But I had the same thought as you. Why my yard? If it had stopped ten feet short of where it did, it would have died in the tall grass of the abandoned property next door, not on my (somewhat) neatly manicured lawn. And who does this sort of thing happen to anyway?

    Apparently me.

    And apparently you too.