Monday, May 18, 2009


I got the job to help us financially but now have problems with parenting the kids - or in other words being unable to be in two places at once. My oldest came home today with the news that he needs to try out for club volleyball on Sunday but I'm working the entire day. To be honest, part of the reason I wasn't that quick to jump back to work was precisely for this reason - needing to be available for the boys, especially because they are so involved with sports and music. I have been proud that I've managed pretty well on my own in transporting them, until now.

I assured my son that I'll find him a ride but my closest friend and the one I rely on the most will be out of town for the Memorial Day holiday. He doesn't know anyone trying out but I guess I can tell him to check with his coach tomorrow. I'll try another friend tonight and maybe one of the nice moms on the team who lives close by. I've asked for so few favors over the years maybe we'll catch a break this time. What else can I do? No family is close by. The cab service in town is unreliable and scary besides. Any ideas out there?

Just more evidence on how hard it is to try and coordinate life as an only parent. It is one of the reasons I have wanted to remarry (because life is just too darn challenging to always handle on one's own with or without children!). Stuff like this results in more worry, juggling, coordination and time (all of which get added to an already full plate). Have I said I just want to throw the towel in right now? Oh right, I think I already did some posts back!

Today I am grateful:

1. For clean towels.
2. For washed and put away dishes (although the sink isn't empty right now in my kitchen - I can still appreciate when it is).
3. For fax machines which can transmit records immediately (am applying for health insurance and needed to fax some documents by today's deadline).
4. For our U.S. mail service - it doesn't get the credit it deserves.
5. For affectionate cats.

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