Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winter Blahs & Chilly Burrrrr

Winter is my least favorite time because I find it so much harder to get through on my own. There is the constant worry about snow storms and particularly the driving aspect. If something happens to my vehicle, I don't know how I could replace it and it seems much more likely to have an accident during inclement weather. It is cold, bleak, gloomy and the darkness seems to last forever. I'm already struggling with sadness and the late mornings/early evenings do not help my less than optimistic moods. Shoveling and scraping off the van just are not up there on my list of fun things to do. Maybe having done them on my own the past 6 winters has just worn me down. Last year I actually got a terribly painful case of tennis elbow because we had so much snowfall (it lasted until summer). There seems to be more to keep track of too - boots, coats, gloves, warm socks, salt for the walkway, lip balm, hand lotion. I even need special hair conditioner to tame my flyaway ends. Of course, the worst aspect of all during this season is not having someone warm to lie next to on the coldest of nights.

In fairness to winter I will try to come up with a few positives about it in my "I am grateful for" section.

Today I am grateful for:

1. Flannel p.j.s.
2. Soup and chili (canned and homemade) which is cheap, filling and tastes the best during winter.
3. Ditto for oatmeal and hot chocolate.
4. Homemade afghans/blankets which probably would not get knitted if it weren't for winter.
5. Having a break from yard work.

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