Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some things can't be scrimped on or skipped

Today, I broke down and got my hair cut after not having had a trim or color at the salon in about 5 months! I got the Christmas photos back and looking at them decided my hair was decidedly straggly. I've held off so long in an effort to cut corners and save a little money. Some weeks ago I ran into a friend I hadn't seen since the summer and both of us noticed that the other's hair had gotten quite long. My friend, who is my age, admitted that she was also skipping salon visits in an effort to get through these tough economic times. My stylist told me that she thought my hair was 3 inches longer than the last time she had cut it. Getting off all the damaged ends gave me a huge boost in spirit. My hair feels and looks so much more healthy. I wish I hadn't gone so long between taking care of a basic necessity we all really need to attend to every 6 weeks. I don't make the boys wait for hair cuts and I think that I'll have to be more diligent in caring for myself too, even in the lean months ahead. Maybe I'll try to stretch out the next cut until spring. Until that time I'll continue to make due with boxed color as is my friend. Long gone are the days when I went to the salon every two weeks for color, a pedicure and manicure. I think there is a direct correlation between self-care and feeling better about oneself. One little haircut and I feel like a new woman!

Tonight's entree - Banquet Pot Pies (at just 88 cents each a real deal) w/that good old standby Campbell's soup

Today I am thankful for:

1. Having been blessed with the gift of motherhood. Despite the challenges of parenting on my own, I know my life would be unthinkable without being able to share it with my two sons.
2. Having a hair stylist I've known for years and whom I can trust not to cut off too much.
3. Being given another chance at love.

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