Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Waning Summer

I just got back from taking a load of stuff from the garage to the storage shed. The moon is very bright and now at only 8:00 p.m. it is already dark (and cool). The day was sunny and warm. Truly gorgeous weather! As I drove home from my run I thought about how lucky we have been to have gotten through two summers now without air conditioning in either the house or the van. And last winter we were very fortunate to make it through without heat upstairs. Looking back, if we could survive those difficulties, we really possess some fortitude! I am proud of the three of us for what we have lived through. My youngest did ask me the other day if we would have heat in our apartment! Poor thing!

One of our area businesses has a very cute and elaborate Halloween display out ALREADY! A kind of haunted house theme - not scarecrows, apples, mums, Indian corn, hay bales which I would welcome about now. I was a little put off by the display, cute as it was. Just kind of early for that kind of thing before Labor Day. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I used to go all out with decorating the front yard - elaborate graveyard scenes, spider webs, huge spiders, ghosts flying about. I scaled a little back when my husband was ill and then stopped for the most part when he died. I became very turned off by skulls, skeletons, graves, ghosts - anything representing death. But I still love the scarecrows and pumpkins.

The last two years I haven't celebrated the fall season at all. Last year I was trying to come to terms with the divorce and the year before that, my Mom had just died, we were cleaning up the yard after a tornado and then clearing out my parent's home. I hope this year I can finally get back into the spirit of the season. I have missed it. I won't have a yard of my own but I can decorate my wee balcony. And I suppose I can give some of my lawn decorations to my guyfriend - he loves Halloween and his son would probably get a kick out of some of the things I have.


  1. save the pink flamingos. i have my two named after my husband and myself on my balcony in the middle of my small garden. they are the "monarchs of all they survey." (my apologies to Cowper for the pluralization of that line from his poem.) my 2 cents, don't give it all away. i have my lobster buoys that my Dragon and i collected when they washed up on the rocks, my plants, and my pink flamingos. to lose whimsey is to a special part of yourself that you need to truly live.

    save at least one thing that makes you smile. if you can. if you want. just a thought.

  2. I know what you mean about no air-conditioning. It can be stifling in the hot sun of summer. We've went through the past two summers with no AC in our car. It IS a little early for Halloween displays, isn't it... but when the time does come, I hope you get back into the spirit (no pun intended?) of all things Halloween.

  3. I'm with you on the air conditioning - ours has been out of commission this summer and it has been tolerable at times and torturous at others. Like right now, when it's about 95F upstairs. Aargh.

    I'm ready for Halloween (it's always been my favorite holiday, and my husband indulged me in my passion for spooky decorations, even though he teased me about being a "ghoul"), but I wasn't ready for the fully lit Christmas tree I saw at Costco yesterday. Sheesh, let's at least get to autumn first!