Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fate Awaits

There is not much to do until a decision comes in about the house, as to whether the deal is still on and we complete the closing transaction. So much of my life has been on hold like this the past few years. The endless waiting for medical test results with my husband, youngest son and parents. Waiting for decisions regarding the divorce and mediation process. And now this. The fate about what will happen with this house and where/how we will next end up living.

I am trying to keep the fear at bay.


  1. you are in a terrible position. other people hold your life literally in their hands. i understand that position very well but that doesn't mean that i know exactly how you feel right now. i won't say "it will all work out for the best." no platitudes work when you're afraid. but there is the other side of this life you're being forced to endure right now. eventually this will be behind you. someday you'll wake up and realize you got through it. one day you won't be afraid anymore. there will come a time when you will find peace with how your life played out.

    i keep telling myself that, too. i hope i listen.

  2. Waiting is so hard, particularly when you must already feel so unsettled.
    I hope you have a positive response tomorrow.
    J xxx

  3. Of course you're scared...that is natural. I would be a basket case! It is so hard to realize now that if you want to get from where you are to where you want to be, you've got to go through what is now. I keep telling myself, "it is as it is and I gotta deal with it." So hard when we feel we don't have control over a situation in our lives, will be all right...eventually