Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today, I had to order another of the largest size dumpsters because the one we already got is now totally full! The garage is about 3/4 of the way emptied. There is still quite a bit to go. Tomorrow some guys are coming to take out a large metal file cabinet and the other scrap metal. Then Junk King is coming to haul away the sofa and three large primitive vintage cabinets. After working in the garage all day, hauling stuff to the storage shed and then cleaning out the three cabinets I am ready to go to bed since there will be so much to face tomorrow.

But in honor of the move, I will take another moment to put down a poem I came across in my clearing out. It is from 1976. I was a Junior in High School and it was published in our school's literary journal. Although untitled, I think I will now title it "Moving." I should mention that I was a prolific poet in high school. But that craze pretty much ended when I got to college. It was fun to discover this poem and the others that got published. A few neat things discovered in the garage - but not much since time has dirtied things and the mice gotten to others. My oldest did come across a bag which he was about to toss into the dumpster after he said, "A bag of old t-shirts." I quickly rescued a very large bag of colorful new t-shirts which I'd been collecting to cut up and knit into a rug. That would be a fun fall project when I have some time. I will make a point of doing that project as a tribute to all that has happened over the years, the moving from one home, the start of a new chapter... A cool, colorful rug rescued from the fate of the dumpster. Somehow I think that ties in with a new beginning but I'll have to tweak that idea more.


They slip away


And are gone forever

from our minds,

Or are just a memory

now, of faces

Growing more blurry

and blurry

Until the name is


And someone answers --

"Oh, they moved away

ages ago."

Today I am thankful:

1. For heavy duty garbage bags.
2. For zip lock storage bags.
3. For canvas totes replacing plastic grocery bags.
4. For those nice big shopping bags with handles. Since I haven't been shopping in the past year it is good I had an old stash. See, never throwing anything away can have some advantages!
5. For air freshener in nice, unusual scents like vanilla nutmeg and candy apple.


  1. Nice poem! It seems to fit the occasion. Maybe you could post a pic of the t-shirt rug when you have it done. I loved to see it! What a neat idea!

  2. Love the idea of the t-shirt rug!
    Moving is hard, but cleaning out is good---you are cleaning up your life too...kinda.
    Stay are a very brave woman.

  3. 4evernite -

    I would love to start posting pictures - that will be a goal for after the move. I still have to figure out the mechanics of it - I'm not very up to speed with the computer and digital camera. Someone gave me a blog award a few weeks ago and I was not able to accept it. I asked for help from my sons and my guyfriend and none of us could figure out how to accept it. See what I mean about being a novice blogger?

    Jude -

    Thanks for saying I'm brave. Just that little comment made me feel it. Good analogy about how the cleaning up or the house also relates to cleaning up my life!