Friday, September 11, 2009

Tough Transition

The house closing did get completed and I have the weekend to frantically move, pack, clear things up and clear things out! The movers have been rescheduled to arrive at 9:00 a.m. on Monday.

I used to tell myself that nothing will ever be more difficult than my husband's death (but this situation came pretty close).

We have a very small amount of money from the house sale to start out with - enough to get us on our feet. I am grateful that we received even something, as I know there are people in my situation who end up losing their homes with no proceeds.

The next few weeks will be challenging trying to settle into a new location. It is hard now going through all of this alone while trying to parent and work. I am promising myself a short getaway later this fall (just on my own). I need some time to heal myself and grieve the loss of our home and the life that used to be.

I thank everyone who thought about me during this though transition.


  1. Thinking of you... and praying that everything goes smoothly. :)

  2. What a rough time you have had. I hope you find happiness and peace at your new location and by all means, do take that getaway. You so deserve it.

  3. i am glad that your closing happened, that you have been able to hire movers to do the heavy lifting and the monotonous lifting and carrying, and that you have that small amount to get on your feet. in those 3 small ways you are blessed.

    you are also fortunate to be in the position of being able to plan on getting physically away from where you are to grieve and heal. i wouldn't mind having a small car to drive over to the beach to see the ocean again. or even to just go down to the larger grocery store that has more options rather than the smaller one that is within walking distance.

    you've had a tough time but once you're settled, you can look for the little things to be grateful for. it may not come soon. it may not happen for a long while. but keep hope alive. feed it with these little things. protect it fiercely. life is linear and always in motion. you will come out on the other side of this darkness.

    i wish you only good fortune now that your new life is about to get started.

  4. I hope the move went well today and wish you every happiness in your new life.
    J xxx

  5. Thinking about you and knowing what you're feeling--it is hard. Change is hard and that is one thing in life that doesn't change....change.