Monday, September 21, 2009


Am trying to set up our new place, which is proving more difficult on my own than I realized. Our move from the house took some extra days for which I had to pay a $200.00 penalty to the buyer. We moved on Monday but the movers could not even finish and we had to finish the move on Tuesday. The move ended up costing me $2,000.00! Then on Wednesday I went back to the house to clean it. Thursday I worked so the first I could start tackling the new place was Friday. Then I had to work long hours this weekend. Talk about exhaustion and weariness! During the move I was so fatigued and sore I would moan out loud as I continued to pack and move boxes!

Today, I was off from work and the first order of business was to find all the computer cords, which the boys had packed and "lost" in the confusion of all the boxes stacked up in the new place (I can't yet bring myself to say apartment). After unpacking numerous boxes by the end of the afternoon, I moved a bag of dishware from a box sitting in the middle of the kitchen to find the cords and the computer was finally set up! Yeah! I can blog again and check my email.

The first few days of living here there was no place to sit and we couldn't easily walk around. Now it is somewhat better but the kitchen and bedrooms are still in bad shape. I'll keep working tonight and then again tomorrow because I am off from work again.

It feels good to have some normalcy back with the computer connected at least. This is a lot of work (not very fun). Having to go to my job over the weekend tore me up inside - thinking about the state I was leaving our new home in. I was exhausted and short-tempered. The past week all of us have had our emotions stretched pretty thin (the stress level is still high). Guyfriend tells me that all things will come together in time but that is easy for him to say since he is out of town doing some gambling. Needless to say, I am feeling upset with him for being out of town as I struggle to put together our new life. But that is a topic for another post. He combined the gambling with a trip to see his son but I am feeling abandoned and pissy because as usual, here I am handling the crap on my own! I guess that aspect of my life hasn't changed with the move.

Today I am grateful:

1. For finding all kinds of neat unread books which were hidden on my shelves but have resurfaced in the move.
2. That all the physical labor I've been involved with has negated the extra calories from eating take-out since the kitchen is out of commission.
3. That the movers did a great job and were very kind.
4. For the help my sons' friends provided during the move.
5. For my girlfriend who fed my boys last night while I was at work and let my oldest type a five page paper since we still hadn't found the computer cords.


  1. i'm sorry the move was so tumultuous. i know how hard it is to move into an, i'll say it, an apartment. but mine is home to me and i hope yours will be eventually. chaos is hard. wanting things and not knowing where they are. glad your computer is up and you can "vent." i'd like to think your guy friend wasn't as intuitive enough to help you out but it could also be a case of timing for his visit to his son - the gambling thing i just don't know about. some people move in out of the rain leaving you standing there. that's why they are called "fair weather friends." i hope you guy friend returns to help you, otherwise, it's time for the big girl pants.

    when we're alone, things seem insurmountable. i'm feeling that way. been very depressed since my Dragon's birthday Aug. 5th. things just hit one after the other and i don't feel like i can come up for air. i'm trying to find one thing that i can do each day to make it feel like it was worth getting up. one thing. i pray you can find that one thing each day. setting up your new place - see i said it right - should ultimately prove to be a little bit fun. keep it together, girl. i'm rooting for you.

    peace always.....

  2. You are so right about how being alone makes life seem so insurmountable... Your words describe it aptly - getting hit with one thing after another and not being able to come up for air.

    I haven't been able to catch up on all that has happened in your life, with the wedding. I am glad that it is over and you survived. I thought of you often as I was packing last weekend and hoping the event went well for you. I will treat myself to some breaks in the unpacking tomorrow and read your previous blogs - something to look forward to.

  3. We may not like it and it is always nice to have help, but in the long is good for us women to know how to do things for ourselves...because someday we are probably going to HAVE to. I was so proud of myself the first time I figured out how to drain the hot water heater and flush it out. That was years ago--I surprise myself at the "manly" things I can now handle.
    "If I have to
    I can do anything.
    I am strong,
    I am invincible,
    I am woman!"

  4. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you... Hugs...