Friday, April 29, 2011

Yin Yang

Appropriate for today's royal wedding - "There is a male yang to every female yin. As Richard Bach puts it, "You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however." Quote taken from "Love in 90 Days" by Diana Kirschner, PhD.

Tomorrow my youngest son will be attending Prom and my oldest son will do so in two weeks. Spring brings with it thoughts of love. I am feeling more optimistic about life in general and the prospect of love too. Flowers are blooming here but still no leaves on the trees. After about two weeks of constant rain, there was sun today. We are grateful for not experiencing the tornadoes that devastated the South.

More options are presenting themselves to me. My manager at work told me how pleased they are with my performance and I am perfect for what they want in the position. My oldest son is eager to be going off to college at the end of the summer. Both boys are working, my youngest was promoted to supervisor and will be earning $20.00 hourly. I will be starting my Library Asst. classes in just a month. The harsh weather is finally over and I don't have to worry about that for the next seven months. What a relief that is! My family and I are closer than we have been in a long while.

I still wish there were more free hours in my life to stop and smell those newly blooming flowers. I would like to take a short vacation and have a lunch out with my sister. But life is so busy with the end-of-year school activities. Until then, I have my knit club and my attention has been reinvigorated to pare down my possessions in anticipation of moving once my youngest finishes his senior high school year. All of us seem to be on course for moving onward and away from this location but that it okay. It is time and we are ready.


  1. I came of age when we women were fighting for equality in the 70's. I developed the attitude 'I can do anything a man can do', short of procreation and 'brute' strength. How wrong I am! Call it what you will, a mature man's capabilities don't completely overlap my own!

    You are flowering, and I am glad to witness it through this blog. I hope enough free time comes your way to inhale deeply and, ahhh, exhale the old ways that no longer serve you. I send best wishes!

  2. Sounds like things are looking up. Good for you. Pul-lease send some of your rain our way. We are in the midst of a drought.

    I listed some blogs I like in my final A to Z post. Yours will be included. Will have the post up soon.

  3. Wow, youngest son must have found one heck of a job. I remember earning $3.35 an hour at my first job when I was 17! Is your elder son going away to college or living at home and commuting?

    Hope the library assistant classes go well--I think working in a library would be really fun for you! Enjoy the nicer weather. :)

  4. Vanessa - My son will be going three and a half hours away at this point - we're still waiting for final financial aid figures. He will be taking a class this summer at the community college. My younger son works at a warehouse - very physical. My oldest sometimes comes home with $150.00 in tips over a weekend - he works at a kid party place and is a party host. But there have been times he has been stiffed too. Thanks for dropping by. Hope all is going well in your life.

    Thelma - Appreciate you including me in your blog list. As you know, you're the reason I knew about the A-Z challenge in the first place. Tomorrow I am going to make a valiant effort to look at the other blogs. Today I have to get my youngest off to Prom so too much on my plate!

    Flo - I agree with you that men have qualities I just don't and that is okay. It doesn't make women weaker to want a man in their life or to appreciate the strengths men give us. Best wishes back to you!

  5. I thought all was equal also! How wrong i was! Congratulations on such a good job for the son! I was thrilled to hear my baby (not a baby anymore0 landed a dream job himself! Makes a gal feel pretty good. By the way, I learned long ago at anytime our ability to stop for just one second to smell or look at that rose (methaphorically)can be taken away. So now I do indeed stop even for a second to smell the rose.

  6. So happy to hear good things are happening!!! Such a difference from your previous post. Nice weather and encouragement from others can go a long way. Wishing you many more days of good things. Congrats on your blogging commitment -- almost there! I have enjoyed reading.