Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bear Scout Oath

I have joined the blogging A to Z challenge where each day you compose a post starting with the letters of the alphabet and today's is "B." This continues through the month of April with Sundays off. I thought it would be a fun thing to do. But back to the bears.

In an effort to pare down my life, I've been selling or giving away a lot of my books. The ones from the boys when they were younger has been kind of hard. They aren't readers but that didn't stop me from filling the book shelves with Scholastic paperbacks, picture books of dinosaurs, animals, the human body, as well as sport figure autobiographies. So many of these books were untouched. At the time they were purchased my husband was ill and there wasn't much time for reading before bed.

So now as I empty the shelves (or try to), I read these books before going to the used book store to sell them. I suppose this is a weird grief reaction but I cannot let them go to waste. It is almost some kind of defiant statement by me saying I won't let the three years of my husband's fatal illness end up robbing me of the books I was supposed to read to the boys. Even though now I'm reading them myself.

But you can learn a lot from books for the younger set. I especially enjoyed The Hardy Boys series because it was dated and brought me a sense of nostalgia. Did you know that the series started being written way back in the 1930s? Mrs. Hardy always makes a chocolate cake for the boys to eat at lunch - that is a hoot!

"The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Sinister Smoke Ring," sets out The Bear Scout Oath which is as follows:

"A Bear Scout...

1. Is as honest as the day is long.
2. Admits when he or she is wrong.
3. Respects the creatures of creation.
4. Views TV in moderation.
5. Is never cruel, rude, or mean.
6. Plays the game fair and clean.
7. Does his best at school [life].
8. Following the golden rule, always respects the rights of others, including even sisters' and brothers'."

As I read this oath, I figured it was pretty applicable to me now as an adult - really for all of us. If we all made an effort to follow these guidelines, a lot of the conflict we feel, cause and participate in wouldn't exist.


  1. Great B! And great bear scout oath. So glad you joined the Challenge. Fun, isn't it?

  2. YOU were my inspiration Thelma. So thank you!

  3. What a great oath! Yep, applies to us adults too. I'm hanging onto my picture/chapter books too. My kids are 13 & 14, so maybe by the time they graduate high school I'll be ready to do it.

    I'm here from the A to Z challenge. :) Just so you know, your link on that list doesn't quite connect here---it's missing the dash & the "s" in "blogspot." I was able to figure it out easily enough, but you might want go in and re-add your link on the list or maybe check w/ one of the organizers to see if they can fix it for you (I'm not sure exactly how it works).

  4. Thanks for letting me know of my error, Nicki. I think I fixed it.

    I am keeping certain books, only getting rid of the paperbacks. Picture books are still staying on my shelves. I also collect and read Caldecott and Newbery Medal books for children and those I will also keep.