Saturday, April 23, 2011

Throwing in the Towel

Sometimes you have to just throw in the towel. I am thinking of the resolutions I had at the start of the year. I remember they seemed so simple and easy to achieve - to try and keep the sink clear of dirty dishes, to go through, organize and recycle my large stash of old magazines, to get through my backlogged unread emails now numbering in the 1000s.

Well, I gave it a good attempt, I really did. I tried doing dishes at night but was too tired. Then started to do them in the morning. Only then life sped up with show choir and college applications and the dishes started piling up again.

In January I made a huge effort at deleting all my old emails and within a weekend had gotten rid of 1000. But then the same old same old - no time for the computer unless to research or blog.

As for the magazines, my efforts there lasted about a day or two.

So in making the decision to throw in the towel, I have been using paper plates and cups which can at least be recycled. Last week during one of my numerous pharmacy runs to Walmart I found plastic storage containers that look like actual woven baskets and purchased enough for the bookshelf holding the magazines and now they are all in hiding and the shelf looks so much more neat and tidy.

As for the emails, well I'll try and see if I can devote some more time to that since the taxes and college financial aid apps are now completed. I know I have the option of just doing a massive delete job instead of going through them and maybe I should throw in the towel there too!


  1. thank you for your honesty. I thought I was the only one who used throwaway plates and dishes and left the non-perishables in the car overnight.

  2. But it sounds like you have accomplished a lot of what you planned. You got dishes you don't have to wash, the magazines look better, and e-mail--well, you did some of it. Give yourself a pat on the back.

  3. I don't worry so much about email backlogs because they take up no space. But just in case you missed an email I sent long ago, I resent it today.

    As for throwing in the towel - I'll bet you don't for the really important things, like family, which, WITM, includes you!!!

  4. just throw out the mags--you'll never get to them anyway and you'll feel l0 pounds lighter.I promise you that the more clutter you dump the more energy you'll gain

  5. Oh I am still wrestling with this. I'm making a dent though! So every little dent i think of a leap for "mankind!" As for dishes, ya, i broke down and bought some disposable. It is only me here, pretty pathetic huh! Oh and ya, bags of groceries on the floor and using them as i need. What happened to the pristine care-taking of the house and washing dishes and all tidy well kept. Sigh...guess that will come with time.