Friday, April 8, 2011


In these times of economic hardship and worry, I have come to believe that every once in awhile we need to go for that gourmet treat be it a $1.99 cupcake or $6.00 glass of premium wine. Savor these splurges because we are worth being treated with TLC, especially when our moods and/or pocket books are at their most depleted.


  1. Here from the A to Z challenge, and I wanted to commend you for what you're sharing here - I think it's brave and very worthwhile, both for you and your readers.

    Specific to this post, I absolutely agree with the idea that you're never SO short of resources that you can't afford a small luxury.

    When you're struggling to pay rent, the cost of a cupcake won't make much difference to the global situation, but the benefit of the cupcake can make all the difference to your experience of it.

  2. Mojo - Thanks for your reply. You totally got the message I was trying to convey.

  3. I have been enjoying your A-Z posts. You have a wonderful way of expressing thoughts and feelings that many of us have. Though I haven't commented in a while, I have been reading faithfully. You say so much of what I want to say.

    Love this post and can't really add much to it except to say that I agree with both you and Mojo. Treating ourselves to that small "luxury" won't break the bank, but it most definately brings a richness to our well-being.

    You are a blessing!!!

  4. Beth - You are a sweetie and your kind words made my day.

  5. Oh those treats look sooo good. Unfortuately I will have to treat myself to something that doesn't spike my blood sugar. I am now pre-diabetic and I have to be careful.

  6. R T - There are so many other treats out there and not just food related, right? A movie rental, new nail polish, ball of yarn...