Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day, Sort Of

Yesterday morning, I went into work but no one had called to tell me I had been taken off the schedule on account of the blizzard on its way. I didn't mind going in and turning back because it allowed me to stop for groceries before the worst of the storm hit. I would say we got about 16 inches of snow but the real kicker was the thunder and lightening that accompanied the storm!

The boys have a snow day today and tomorrow off from school and I am off both days as well. Everything is pretty much shut down around here. Most people are plowed in their driveways and can't get out yet. I heard that Macy's in downtown Chicago was going to try and open for business this afternoon but I want to shout "Why?" Who is thinking about shopping at a major department store after a storm like this? What is so important that it can't be waited to be purchased until the roads clear?

A news person told everyone that was staying home from work today to stay inside and enjoy their families and all I can say to that is a huge "AMEN!" It is so sad that it takes a major storm to give people an opportunity to have a bit of time off and to spend some of it with their families being grateful that they are all safe and sound from the raging elements outside.

I was gleeful at the prospect of three whole days off. But my glee has turned a little bit sour at this point. The boys are off sledding and bowling while I am catching up on laundry and dirty dishes. It makes me realize how much I desperately need a day off - really off from any family and domestic duties. I don't begrudge my sons the fun of a real snow day when they can go out and sled and hang out with friends at the bowling alley. That is part of what a snow day is all about. But I do feel a bit bad that in order for me to claim a real snow day that I'll have to bite the bullet and just stop taking care of all the household chores that seem to mount up no matter what size home you live in! I thought living in a smaller space would mean less to do but it seems as though I'm just as busy as always.

I am reading Edith Wharton's "The House of Mirth" and can't wait for a moment to dive into it again. Am also knitting a very long scarf (over 160 inches long - it is kind of a joke) and want to just sit down and read and knit. The reasons I go off to Sam's once in awhile is because it seems as though the only times I can end up reading, baking or knitting are when I'm away from my home. Because as long as I am here, I'll find more than enough to do and no knitting, reading, or baking will ever get done!

So we all survived another major Midwestern/Chicagoland storm without too much stress or strain!


  1. I live in Missouri, and we have had our share of snow as well. I also work for a school district, and our total for "snow days" is around 8 so far. So, I have had plenty of time off these last couple of months. I am proud to say that I haven't spent all my time just cleaning, but have started knitting as well. I am knitting a pillow square to put in the bay window in my living room. I am also started to pay more attention to what we are eating, and both these accomplishments make me feel like I am moving forward in my life. They aren't very big acomplishments, but they are mine. I figure I will do more in the cleaning/decorating when I am emotionally ready to do so. I try not to fret over what I don't do, but that is hard. I am so critical about myself. Take care!!!

  2. Jeanne - That is all so wonderful to hear, especially your knitting. I love the idea of a little pretty to brighten up your home - it doesn't take much in terms of cost or time sometimes to accomplish that. I have found that the small accomplishments really morph into bigger ones. I try to make a point on focusing on what I do do and not what I don't but as you said, that is hard.