Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big and Little Annoyances

Every day there seem to be so many petty annoyances to deal with! I seem to feel them more as a widow. This has been bothering me the past few weeks. For example, I go to Walgreen's for desperately needed eyeglass cleaner and they don't have any on the shelf! None! How can this be I think? I buy the kind that comes in the spray bottle because it lasts longer and is more cost effective. I leave the store refusing to get the little packets because of the cost resigned to the fact that I'll have to use dish soap for a couple more days until I return to the store or another Walgreen's. As I leave the store I notice the new Snickers peanut butter candy bars and decide to treat the boys and I to one. I give the boys theirs after dinner. I take mine and notice that it is a defective package. This candy bar comes in two squares but my package has only one.

Now I can take this as a positive message from the Universe and a fun one at that, telling me that I shouldn't be eating this candy bar in the first place, but I decide I really want what I paid for so I put the candy aside along with the mental note that I need to bring it back to the store for an exchange. Another item on the to do list along with the necessity of not losing a receipt.

I'm at the grocery store and forget the pickles again! So I rush into another store on the way home because we're having turkey burgers for dinner and have already gone too many times without the pickles on top all of us favor.

My son is on a highly regulated acne medication that has ended up being a nightmare to start and then get refills for. The poor doctor has to constantly input data into a computer program and it is confusing to everyone, including the pharmacy at Walmart. This last month, it took two weeks to get the prescription refilled meaning I'm at Walmart so much everyone in the pharmacy knows me. Then I have to end up calling the doctor, going into the doctor's office, returning to Walmart, spending long sessions on the phone with the drug company... Enough to make me want to tear my hair out with frustration!

I can't find the utility bill...

I struggle to come up with a quick and easy dinner idea...

I'm bone tired but my youngest needs help with his Economics project...

I know that when I was married and sharing life with a partner this kind of thing never bothered me the way it does now. I suppose that was because sometimes it was my husband forgetting the pickles. Or that there was someone at home to come home to and complain/commiserate with about the prescription debacle!

Every day all of these little annoyances pile up. Which got me to thinking. What if I just didn't let them bother me? What if I just laughed at them and found them amusing! Because in the end it is the big things that matter the most, like the winter storm we've just encountered. All these other events are annoyances to be sure. But they are just annoyances in the grand scheme of things.

So that is my focus for the month of February (it is a short month after all). To try and let the little things roll off my shoulders a bit more easily. To laugh about the candy bar. To shake my head in wonder that the one item needed from the drug store is sold out. We all encounter these events, I'm not the only one experiencing them. The storm is big news. That is the kind of event that deserves more of my attention, worry and detail. Not the fact that I keep forgetting to buy pickles because I can't seem to get into the habit of carrying a list of needed items in my purse!


  1. First, I want say that I am glad to see you on-line. I was concerned that the storm may have affected your electricity -- so it is good to "see" you! I have been praying for safety and warmth for you and your guys. Secondly, thank you for your sweet comment on my post today, for reading, it means so much. And finally, I love what you have written -- I find I too get irritated at things that ARE inconveniences, but I must realize there are greater things that need my attention. Yesterday I was to meet a friend at a chain restaurant, but we never communicated which one -- long story short, she was at one, I was at another. We were able to meet and laugh about it.

    I love this statement: "Not the fact that I keep forgetting to buy pickles because I can't seem to get into the habit of carrying a list of needed items in my purse!" It made me laugh, because I do make lists, but I always leave them at home! I am able to laugh at it - for the most part!

    Love you my friend -- write me anytime if you need.

  2. Love the story about both of you meeting at different restaurants. I can see that sort of thing exactly happening to me! I hope you got on your cells and were able to salvage your meeting at one location or the other!

    I really have to get better at putting that shopping list in my purse. I've started keeping a notebook in my purse with random notes, ideas, patterns, lists and that is a help, a start at least. Now I have to remember to add my shopping list to it! To actually write down what we need... But I know you totally understand that sometimes it is the simplest and easiest of tasks that somehow seem to not get done for whatever reason...

  3. I worked for Peter Paul Cadbury one summer when I was in college. I worked in the complaint department; it was my job to send out coupons to dissatisfied customers (except for those with broken teeth - those letters went to the lawyers).

    Write a quick letter to Mars (?) and let them know what happened. They should send you a couple of coupons.

  4. Even if I make a list, I will *always* forget the pickles, or something similar, when I go shopping. My daughter just laughs when she hears me yell "ARGH!" while unpacking the bags. :-)

  5. Bobbi - I never thought of contacting the candy company. I was just happy to have an exchange at Walgreen's. Now I kind of wish I'd kept the package - it was unusual. Not as unusual as when I bought a package of something by Quaker and the entire package was empty and sealed!

    Vanessa - I am so glad to know I am not the only one. At least you are bringing a list into the store - that is one step ahead of me!

  6. I finally decided to carry a little notebook in my purse as well, but I always forget to use it!! I also get aggravated by the little annoyances that go on in my life, and then someone comes along with much bigger problems. I usually thank God for those little annoyances, and quickly pray for the person who is having a much harder time. Sometimes I think God sends those people around me to help me recognize these situations. I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I live in Missouri, and received over 10 inches of snow/ice in our area as well. I am certainly looking forward to spring.

  7. I've been digging in to all those piles, snow, ice, and other. I don't consider them annoyances, just 'must do's' that fail to lift my spirits. The sagging roof on my house reflects my sagging spirit. Both need addressing. The sagging roof can be fixed, even if at great cost. What really concerns me is how to help my sagging spirit.

  8. Missing you and your posts. Are you o.k.?

  9. Jeanne - I think we just have to become more consistent and regular in using our notebooks and eventually they will help us more.

    Flo - The sagging roof is such a sad image! I had constant roof problems when I lived in my home. This is that part of the year when so many of us have to cope with the winter doldrums.

    Beth - Thanks for expressing concern - just so much going on as you know and so little free time...