Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring Fever

It is currently one degree outside with windchill factor to be 30 below tonight. I am just so, so, so cold and tired. I want to bury myself under the covers and stay buried. Enough is enough of Old Man Winter. Although the Oreos may be pushing the limit here with their early February arrival, seeing them on the shelf brought me a bit of hope and cheer.


  1. Keep on keeping on. It's the certainty of spring and change that keeps me going on despite my anguish. Just wrote huge checks to the Vet for my sick cat and to the mechanic for my car. Both are better. Now can I expect my spirits to get better? They will...

    Let's not wait until spring. Let's have a girl's night out!! OK, everyone?

  2. I was euphoric when I was able to afford getting our two vehicles recently repaired and in working order. Love the idea of a girl's night out. I would like to host a small party for the new people I've met in my apartment building but there never seems to be enough time to plan it. Or to clean my little home and prepare something to eat. I am going to ask a girlfriend if she'd like to go out to eat this weekend for Valentine's Day. That will be my night out!