Thursday, February 17, 2011

Widowhood + Parenthood = Crazyhood

Have been running around in circles the past week. Just so much going on with the boys and no free time. Wanted to post about Valentine's Day and some other topics. Hoped to have a few moments to myself but surprise, surprise, tonight is a band concert I didn't know about until this afternoon! Good news though! My oldest was just accepted into the number one college of his choice so we are celebrating the news. I am going to the concert because it will be one of the last I'll attend as a high school parent. Blogging can wait another day until tomorrow.



  2. Although my son is Mr. Popularity and extremely talented in sports and music, grades haven't been his strong suit. I told him he would be going to whatever school accepted him and there was always the community college as a backup. I am grateful and blessed that he got into the school top on his list - and we are still waiting for 3 more to respond. Two have been really recruiting him for volleyball but they are private schools and he wants to go to a larger school to pledge into a fraternity. Thanks for the whoohoo! I almost went outside last night and screamed one into the night I was so relieved and happy for my son! Maybe I still will!

  3. Love the picture - it so fits!!!