Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Gleet" Expectations

Great day Sat. We all went downstate for my oldest son's first show choir competition. The group placed first in their division and my youngest and I shared some quality private time. The competition was held near my old university so my youngest and I visited the campus and I got the boys some t-shirts. The show choir had lunch at the famous college eatery known for their bread and subs. My youngest and I got lunch there too and even took some bread home, which is the tradition of alumni when visiting.

The show choir was gone from 5:00 a.m. and didn't get home until 3:00 a.m. because the charter bus got stuck in a snowbank. My youngest and I only stayed for the first performance. On the way home, we stopped at an antique mall which was a real treat for me since I haven't gone to one in so long.

My youngest shared a lot with me about how hard it has been for him to follow in his brother's footsteps. He told me that he wants to forge his own identity but at school everyone expects him to be like his brother, etc. The teachers constantly compare the two. I gained a much better understanding of my youngest son's feelings and perspective.

He had me in stitches with his commentary on the show choir performance. One of the things he admitted was that he doesn't think the group is all that good. But then he clarified that by stating that perhaps watching the Fox show "Glee" has ruined it for him (and maybe others) because he expects my son's group to sound like the Glee group. I laughed and told my son that the Glee kids are professional actors and older, which he knows anyway. But I found his observation very funny and told him I'd include it in my blog. I asked him what I could title this post and it was his suggestion with the creative play-on-words "Gleet" Expectations.

Driving around downstate Illinois with my little family together, visiting my old college campus, spending time with my youngest, watching a quality musical performance that resulted in 1st place, having a great lunch and then to top it off, visiting an antique mall! It was a good day and I felt happy! There seem to be more days now that are happier rather than sad, and I feel a page has turned in my life and the wheels are finally spinning forward!


  1. As a younger sibling of a high achieving and popular sister in high school, I identify with your younger son's difficulty in defining himself in his own way. I'm glad you had this special time with him. He sounds like a hoot!

  2. Flo - Thanks for sharing your insight/experience. You'll appreciate this one. My oldest didn't come home until 3:00 a.m. and my youngest was asleep. I got up to greet my exhausted oldest and noticed the giant trophy on our dining room table! Turns out the director is letting each member take it home for four days starting with my son. So my youngest woke up to the huge trophy in our home! Then he ate a fortune cookie and snorted at the message which was "Enjoy the spotlight." I think he finds EVERYTHING relates to his older brother. I laughed and told him to put the fortune by the trophy. Actually, I wish we didn't have the trophy here. We have cats and I can imagine the trophy somehow toppling over before it has to be passed on, on Thursday. I wish it would leave sooner so I don't end up having to have to pay for another one to be made!

  3. You handled your youngest son's concerns well. Though your oldest has his gifts, your youngest has his own unique gifts and he will find them -- they are just different. Glad you had a wonderful time and that things continue to look up for you. Enjoy the trophy -- it's well deserved -- for ALL of you -- a symbol of your family's perseverence.

  4. forgive my delayed reaction (and response) ... but I wanted to say that I very much feel the same as you do about "auras" and that we have to share our experience and help others who grieve. That we have that ability and empathy now - and yes, it is a "calling". I feel it too x

  5. Beth - I like your observation. I didn't think of the trophy being kind of a symbol for all of us as a family of our perseverance, support and love.

    Boo - So glad you "got" what I meant from my comment.

    Judy - Thanks! Hope all is well with you and you haven't been too snowed in over these winter months.