Thursday, October 15, 2009

Small Graces

The cake decorated like a monster was the first one chosen at yesterday's Cross Country "Cake Run." So what does that signify?

1. I know how to pick a nice cake.
2. My son had a nice cake to give away (he didn't have to be embarrassed).
3. My efforts at getting the cake show that I care for my son and want him to have positive experiences.
4. We still have the means to be able to afford a non-essential extra like this.
5. It is possible to not have to bake your own items for these kinds of things. I gave up the guilt over that soon after my husband died.
6. It is sometimes the little things that matter most. Getting the game system the boys want is important and I wish I could afford to get it right now. But little feats add up and count too.
7. That a cake can save the day!
8. That even in the middle of adversity, little things like cakes and "Cake Runs" are important. You can't cut out all extras.

I want to believe that it is the small graces that end up meaning the most of all.

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