Thursday, October 1, 2009

Barrel of Laughs!

My other close girlfriend called the other day to check up on how I was doing. She divorced in March, just sold her home and is in the process of moving into a townhouse. It felt so good to connect with and talk another person going through some of the same life changes as I. To hear her say that her back is so sore from the packing up and moving of her home. How I can relate to that having experienced the worst aches and pains of my life just a few weeks ago! She also admitted to the confusion and stress of living out of boxes and not being able to find anything. During our conversation she would interject, "This is just a barrel of laughs!" She added, "We did what had to be done."

My friend's husband has been out of work for two years and avoids contact with her because of child support issues (he claims he doesn't have the money to pay her now). So she has been handling a lot of life on her own although her family has provided emotional and financial support.

Anyway, I think that we all need opportunities to connect with others in our positions because it helps us realize that we are not crazy and that we are doing the best we can under the circumstances we were given. When we are in limited contact with others or only with those in better situations, it can make us feel inferior and/or helpless/hopeless.

Today I am grateful for anything and everything fall including:

1. Pumpkins
2. Hot apple cider
3. The gorgeous changing leaves
4. The nippy, crisp weather
5. Apple and pumpkin pie
6. Halloween
7. The fall colors of gold, rust, sage, orange, red, brown
8. Going back to drinking hot tea again
9. Shortened days that make you appreciate the daylight hours more
10. Mums

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