Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love Knows No Limits

Yesterday I saw the You Tube Video of "A Lion Called Christian," which I was not aware of. I was very moved by the clip which shows a grown lion rehabilitated and then released into the wild lovingly recognize his two former owners who had rescued him as a cub and cared for him until he became too big. At the end of the clip, the words "Love knows no limits and true friendships last a lifetime" appeared along with the message to reconnect with an old friend.

Watching this little video I was so struck by the amazing power of love which never ceases to amaze me. I also thought a lot about Husband #2 and his ultimate lack of commitment and love for me. I am still struggling in that arena. When you have truly loved someone it is not so easy to forget. I am resolved to move on toward happiness because he certainly is out of my life and I do not want my future to be grief-filled or sad. As hard as it is I am trying to continue to look forward and not back. I believe that it is never too late for "happily ever after."

I just finished reading the book by Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) "Here's the Story" and found it to be a really inspiring read. Her husband stood by her side through thick and thin and really supported her as she battled numerous issues. Again, I thought about how Husband #2 was not able to be there for me and how our marriage never even had the opportunity to get off the ground.

Last week as I was driving around on my own, my thoughts were on Husband #2 (how grateful will I be the day I don't think about him) and I realized that because I truly loved him I need to get over the vengeful thoughts I've contemplated for getting even. Some part of me finally got that when you love someone you don't wish them any harm no matter what pain they have caused you. Again it all just comes back to the meaning and power of love.

Today I am grateful:

1. That I actually saw a bug flying around yesterday when it was warmer - poor thing now because the temperature dropped 40 degrees!
2. That although it is cold again for a few days, at least the sun is out and it is not snowing or raining.
3. For inspiring video clips like "A Lion Called Christian" that seem to come out just when we all need to see them.

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