Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tattoos for their Dad

My boys want to get tattoos as a memorial for their Dad. The irony is that he hated tattoos and I do not care for them either. But in today's culture so many people (young and older) have them. At work, I am seeing grandmas with tattoos around their wrists, ankles and even nose rings! Many of the boys on the high school wrestling team also have tattoos.

The boys have created the design which is an angel and has the date their Dad was born and died. They have said they will have it placed on their back or shoulder blades. I have pretty much told them that I do not want them to get tattoos on their arms. They are both very clean cut in terms of how they dress (preppy and short hair). I know this would mean a great deal to them and am resigned to their eventually having it done in the future.

It is just another sign of the impact their Dad's death has had on them - it has utterly shaped and molded them in ways I still haven't seen. They already bear hidden scars deeply inside - maybe it is fitting that they have a sign of their loss displayed externally on their bodies for the world to see.

Today I am grateful:

1. That the three of us made it through this hectic weekend.
2. That everyone got safely to all the places we had to go.
3. That so far the Universe has been providing for us and we have shelter, food, clothing and each other.
4. For the natural beauty of the thunder storms we had on Friday.
5. For the honest day's work I put in today because it serves as proof (if just to me) that I am not a slacker and am doing what I can within the parameters of my current situation.

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