Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebrities Dying

I reflect on death a lot - thinking about death has just become a regular part of my days. I don't fear death as much as I used to because my husband and Mom have led the way for me. I also believe in an afterlife based on the paranormal events that occurred after my husband died. So my thinking so much about death is not really a downer for me - I just accept that it has become an influence on how I now choose to live.

When I heard about the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett today, it made me sad (which is how I feel whenever I hear of someone leaving this physical life). But I also felt that the deaths of these celebrities, will cause many others whose personal lives haven't been touched by grief/loss/death, to think about it today (and hopefully tomorrow too). I hope that the news coverage of these celebs will result in many people reflecting on their lives and their loved ones. I hope people will consider how easily it is to be here one day and not here the next so they will purchase more life insurance coverage, stop the feud going on with family members and tell their loved ones just how much they mean to them. They will consider living more fully in the moment and be more grateful for every second they are here breathing in and out!

I am always struck by the stories of those trapped in the Twin Towers and on the fated airplanes calling their loved ones to convey their love. I have never heard of any of these brave people calling anyone up to speak of hatred, money owed or unresolved arguments. The total focus in the last moments of life was on love and the desperate need to let the ones closest to them know of their love for them. Somehow I hope that the people reflecting on the lives of these two entertainers will be moved to become more loving right now before tragedy strikes or illness occurs.

Today I am grateful:

1. For the glorious clouds I saw floating magestically in the summer sky.
2. For the beautiful cresecent moon viewed in the summer night sky.
3. That I do not have any facial hair to deal with.
4. For being able to get through an 8-hour shift on my feet without getting as tired.
5. For having enough food to eat, clothes to wear, a running vehicle and books to read.


  1. I doubt if it really makes people think about life and death so much more. Today perhaps, tomorrow life goes on again.
    I noticed it tonight while shopping at Target, the world is still the same, nothing has changed.

  2. Your observations make me very sad! What are people thinking about then?

  3. I share your hope that people will think about the fact of death and grief and become more comfortable with connecting with one another. But I think that when a celebrity dies, the media coverage makes it seem unlike anything the rest of us experience. I was 50 when my husband died and had 2 teenaged boys at home. It's a lonely walk, but instills a sense of compassion toward others, I think. As an author, my experience and research tell me that our culture needs much encouragement, the kind you are suggesting, to love and connect with one another while we can.
    I wish you well,
    Judy Strong