Sunday, June 7, 2009

Angels in Disguise?

The counselor is coming out in me at work. Today, I spent over eight hours cashiering. Doing this job is just mind numbing for me - utterly boring beyond words! I can get through five or six hour shifts so much more easier than the eight hour ones. But anyway, I had a couple opportunities to talk to customers today. One woman about my age and I chatted about working jobs outside our fields. She is doing dog grooming. I remarked that given the economy and shortage of jobs in our area, that I am grateful for the job I do have even though it is not in my field of social services. I added that sometimes we're put on paths we don't expect or want but that it turns out to provide a hidden opportunity. And that I've come to trust that whatever road I'm on is the one I'm supposed to be taking. The lovely woman, so pleasant and nice to talk with left my register relating her heartfelt thanks for our conversation. She said that talking about the paths we're given in life had given her some new perspective and she was grateful we had spoken.

Then another customer spoke to me about her feelings that one of our head managers had seemed to be following her around the store as she shopped, as though she intended to shoplift. I found myself going into "counselor mode" and being empathic to her feelings. As the exchange continued I felt strangely like I was in a counseling session with a client! But it felt good and it felt like what I am supposed to be doing instead of ringing up people's "super box store" purchases. It felt like I was home and I was confident and capable. I guess the next step here is to move toward finding a job in my actual field - I still need to concentrate on the house though but a job in my field needs to be moved to the next priority after that.

How funny that our true natures seem to come out no matter what or where the setting! It was also nice to be talking with people and exchanging ideas and positive vibes. Good to not be the only one getting all the attention but focusing on others too! Also good to not be only moping and complaining. I believe that people are put into our paths for a reason - and maybe these people found me or I found them in a check-out line. Angels in disguise?

The real gem to this day was chatting with an older couple, whom I found out had been dating for two years after the woman was widowed three years ago. Seeing them made me optimistic for my future and that it will come together for me. I got the typical response that I am so young when I related that I was widowed almost six years ago (I do have that going for me since I look much younger than age 50 -I have long brown hair and a youthful face). But this conversation restored my hope and optimism in the world.

Today I am grateful:

1. For a job - even as a cashier.
2. For being given some opportunities to remember who I am and what I do well.
3. That I've improved greatly on my job - I'm a pretty good cashier now and the customers like me (I get lots of compliments on how nice I am).
4. That I was given this path to take - I'm not sure where cashiering at the big box store will lead me but it will lead somewhere.
5. For the customers who interacted with me and what I gained from them.

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