Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Ice Melts

The ice eventually melted and all day there were sparkles in the tops of trees shining off the sunlight. I tried to capture some of the magic but didn't come close. So I suppose a lesson here is that life goes on and even in the aftermath of a storm, there can be unexpected beauty.

Flo commented that it is okay for us to have some self-pity every once in a while and I want to say a "here here" to that sentiment. We live in this society where it is looked down on to mope or complain. But I read somewhere that in actuality, it is rather healthy to do so on occasion - doesn't make us weaker but actually stronger because we are trying to comfort ourselves (when there isn't anyone else around to do so).


  1. My late husband put it another way. "Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you". I hope today is a day to chow down on the bear!

  2. ...or as Eckhart Tolle says on the act of surrender, "Whatever the present is, act as though you chose it...pain provides fuel for consciousness. It becomes your spiritual teacher."

    I picked up Joyce Carol Oates' book, A Widow's Story, today. IT is EXCELLENT.

  3. Flo - Nicely said by your husband!

    Wendy - I will think about this way of looking at the present - as though I have chosen it and see what happens when I do so. Interesting perspective.