Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Signs of Spring and March

Throughout my life, even as a child, I have disliked the month of March. It has been my least favorite month. Here around Chicago and in the Midwest, March is a gloomy, grey, cold, dreary, ugly time period. There is still the potential for snowstorms/blizzards (my brother was born in one in mid-March), and then there will be the odd spring-like day of sun and warmth. To me, it is a bizarre month because it is not quite spring and not quite winter and I don't like things to not be something more specific!

But through widowhood, I have come to appreciate this month and January has replaced it as the one I most dread (because of the constant scraping and worry about snow, plus extreme cold). March has become a beacon for me - a goal to look forward to when January hits. "If I can just hold out to March, spring will be right around the corner and the worst of it will be over." I know now that if it snows, the snow will soon melt and I have been hearing the birds again whose chirps and twittering have been absent all winter.

And this may be a new record for me - the woman who loses half a dozen gloves a season - only three missing gloves this year! I have a stash of those gloves you can buy in inexpensive pairs at Target (usually snapped up at the end of the season for next to nothing just for this reason).


  1. February is my bad month--so grey and dismal and if not covered by snow, everything looks dead. March at least gives one the impression that spring "might" be around the corner.

  2. Judy - For me, February is at least redeemed by Valentine's Day and the excuse to eat chocolate candy!

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