Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Yarn

There is a fragrance by Clinique called "Happy" and indeed, when you smell it, the scent is about as close to what I would describe as happiness in a bottle. Also, a fragrance called "Red," and again, if there is a way to bottle the smell of a color, this one sure does fit. I wear it every February as it is more of a winter fragrance in my opinion.

I came across an inexpensive bulky skein of yarn from the Deborah Norville line at JoAnn Fabrics. I believe it was on sale and was only $3.00 or so. The color was called "Spring" and seeing and touching the candy cane/Easter egg hues made me immediately think of spring. So I got a couple skeins and started playing around with different patterns to make a spring inspired scarf.

The pattern I settled on if from the book "One Skein Wonders," called "Jan's Sensational Scarf." It can be worked in virtually any yarn on size 15 needles. The pattern is K1, "K1, Yarn Over, Knit Two Together," K1, repeating the center section. The scarf in the photo was made with 14 stitches. I whipped it up in a little over an hour and wore it to Knit Club. Then at the club I started a more narrow one to give to my sister with just 11 stitches. Almost got it finished last night. I got a lot of compliments on the yarn and the scarf last night. I must say it is nice to hear kind words of any sort.

I look forward to finishing the scarf tonight and sending it to my sister tomorrow after work. This is to replace the winter cowl I made her for winter wear and which she has received many compliments on. When times get tough or my mood gets low, I need to remember the power I have to spread cheer and hope. Even in the worst of times I can dig up a couple dollars or root through my yarn stash and create an item that cuts through the gloom and late spring snow and cold. When I wore the scarf yesterday evening, there was a sense of pride at having created my own accessory and the fun of having done so with such an aptly inspired yarn for this time of year, when everyone's mood is craving brighter colors, lighter clothing, plants/flowers and sunnier skies.


  1. I also have been knitting a scarf, and chose a varigated one as well. My yarn was named "Monet", and I got it because it reminds me of the colors of some of his paintings. Great minds think alike, don't they? Sorry I haven't written in a while. I actually have been doing pretty well. I am still dealing with my grief, but am reading, knitting, etc. I also finally made myself go out last Friday night. I went back to play bingo with my friends that I had before my husband passed away. I can't do that all the time (finances don't allow this) but it was fun reconnecting to old friends. I am glad to hear that you are looking forward to spring as well. I want to get outside, and just sit on my porch, and watch the world go by. This is something I never allow myself to do before. Talk to you soon!!!

  2. Jeanne - I am so glad (really) to know that you are doing okay. I think I have also knitted with the "Monet" yarn, a scarf for my sister as she is an artist, and it the colors are lovely. I am composing a list of 100 things I want to do for fun over the next three months. One of my ideas is to go play Bingo. I might also now add, "Sit on my balcony and watch the world go by," for a few hours at least, anyway!

  3. "Happy" makes us happy because it uses oil of orange ... and it is used for exactly that in aromatherapy :-)

    I like it too. Love the scarf and colours ... xxx

  4. Boo - You guys have the fragrance "Happy" in the UK too? Did not know about the orange oil, although I use a lot of orange fragrance around the house - citrus air freshener, citrus dish soap and so on. Now I am going to buy a big package of oranges that I can get for $1.29 at the fruit and veggie market and just put them out in a bowl on a table. I think I read somewhere that looking at oranges (and the color orange) is a mood booster as well.

  5. Beautiful colors, beautiful scarf! These are some of the colors I had in my wedding -- the bridesmaids wore, pink, blue, yellow, lavender tea-length dresses -- April wedding.

    A great idea -- making a list of 100 things you want to do for fun -- can't wait to hear about them!

    Take care and keep showing pictures of your wonderful creations!!

  6. Beth - Despite my creativity, I am only at #70 in my list. Maybe 100 is too much to come up with?

    The colors you describe are lovely. My two weddings were in Fall with very Fall color schemes, although I also love the Spring very much.