Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nature Walks

Find Beauty in the Mundane and Joy in the Ordinary!

Be surprised by the hidden colors waiting for your glance of wonder and delight!

I have started taking photos on my daily nature walks. Those daily half-hour walks are helping keep me sane! Thank goodness the weather will be mild next week.

Yeah for me! I've figured out how to use my camera phone but did need help from my youngest in getting these photos onto the blog. But some technical progress!


  1. This lazy reader, wants you to know that this morning your pictures were like a shot of adrenalin to my soul. I'm in a challenging place which has brought on some lethargy and minor pity party, and your nature walking/healing just kicked me right out of the funk.
    Thank you so much. I truly admire you!

  2. CCK - I dislike hearing when others are in a funk but I so get it because I've been there and know I'll be there again. Sometimes I think we have to be in that place, just not for a long time. So I am very happy to know that my photos gave you a kick shot out of the funk! I find myself so looking forward to my walks - sometimes I see a black stray cat that I always bring food for (the dry stuff my cats won't touch). And I bring stale bread for the birds.

  3. I love your blog picture! Your camera phone takes great pictures. I am glad you are finding beauty in your walks. I'm proud of you for making this an important part of your day. Keep the pictures coming!

  4. Beth - Thanks for your cheering. Hope you are holding up at your end. I know the day may be over but that doesn't really mean it is over... Sometimes I reflect more on those first few days and weeks right after my husband's death. Those days too when they come back up in their yearly cycle are anniversaries of a sort also.