Monday, November 1, 2010

3 x 10 = 30

I am making the effort to try and stay focused and more positive this month, now that my gloomy month of annual anniversaries has passed. Although today is the anniversary of my husband's funeral and the 7th was his memorial service.

1. I need to be more proactive in finding some kind of new job. I've been out there pounding the pavement but nothing has come through. I'll take a store sales job just to bring in some extra funds for the holidays right now.

2. I am still dealing or trying to deal with the aftermath of moving and all the storage shed crap. So many boxes, bags, totes and baskets of stuff to go through. Recipe for disaster - moving from large five bedroom home into small two bedroom apartment. On the bright side, I figure I am doing what would need to be done when moving into a retirement home, so I am accomplishing all of this a few years ahead of time and saving my sons the aggravation besides of having to face it!

So on that note I am trying to give/donate 10 things a day away this month. And throw away/recycle 10 things as well. And to get through 10 of my craft magazines daily since they seem to take over the bookshelves. I'd like to tear out any patterns that inspire me and file them, then pass on the other patterns to others who may use them.

10 x 3 = 30. 30 x 7 = 210. 210 x 4 -= 840. Wouldn't that be great to have reduced my "stuff" by that number by the end of the month! What a gift to start Christmas with and the new year/new life!

3. I'd like to knit/crochet some Christmas ornaments so the boys and I can decorate a small tree this year. And to keep costs down I'd like to occupy my hands by creating my own decorations. We'll see how that goes. I need to come up with some kind of theme and so far nothing is hitting me. Snowflakes with blue baubles? Birds and hearts? Felted apples? Old-fashioned toys? Whatever it ends up being it'll need to be quick and easy and I need to be able to use whatever stash yarn I have on hand. Maybe something really different like a hot pink themed tree? It would also be fun to make an ornament a day from now through the end of the month in between my searching to throw stuff away. Ha, ha!

Well, we'll see how these goals go. They are what I'm aiming for. If a day goes by where I don't reach quota I won't knock myself. Any progress in these areas is progress.


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  2. You go girl!!! :D I think whatever you accomplish will be great! Can't wait to hear how it goes! You CAN do it!

    Blessings to you and your guys!

  3. Stop by and leave a 6-word memoir on my blog. Giving away a book to the person whose name I draw. Thelma Z

  4. I think moving was one of the hardest things I ever did. I don't consider myself a hoarder, but I have lots of things. I tried to get rid of all the stuff I could before I moved. Eventually, I gave up that, and just brought everything with me. I don't have as much as I did before, and I have trouble parting with the stuff I have. So, I am stopping for a while until I can handle it more emotionally. Your post inspires me to take it up at a later date. I also like to knit/crochet so reading about your knitting projects makes me feel at home. I got a lot of free patterns off the internet, and on more than one occasion, have given out my projects as Christmas presents. I also have made ornaments as part of these projects so you can find lots if you look.
    I love your positive approach to this month. It gives me hope that life does go on, and you can find enjoyment in the simple things of life.
    Thanks!!!! Jeanne

  5. Jeanne - Just a quick response as I'm off to another school college financial aid meeting. I'm so glad to meet a kindred spirit in knitting! Also, I'd love to talk more about the moving issue - it has for me been very, very difficult coming after the death of one husband and divorce of another. Much more challenging than I'd ever have imagined. There don't seem to be enough hours in the day to spend on clearing out what with having to make dinner, wash clothes and attend to the current affairs of life. But I'm just trying to do what I can because in the end, any progress moves me ahead in some way! Like you, I ran out of time to clear things out before the move and had to resort to taking everything with me, hence the storage shed debacle! Talk to you soon!

  6. Whittle away! I get these purging urges after I've had a glimpse of myself happy without him. Letting go still feels like performing delicate surgery. Afterwards I revel in whatever space I've reclaimed for myself, even if it's only 2 square feet!

  7. Flo - I'm looking forward to feeling that reveling!