Friday, November 5, 2010

Husbands and Scarves

I subscribe to a couple daily crafting email newsletters that offer free patterns and I enjoy receiving them and browsing the creative possibilities. The other day, the following message from the editor was this: "Nothing makes me feel more comfortable, cozy and safe than a knit garment (Sorry, Husband)." I'd like to rewrite that comment to: "Nothing makes ME feel more comfortable, cozy and safe than a husband (Sorry, Scarf!)."

Well, what can you say to that comment? I suppose it is meant as a cute little joke and the married women can all smile and nod together. I've knit myself a really nice soft multi-toned scarf in autumn colors, a great rib pattern and last week knit the one for my oldest son's girlfriend. As much as I dearly love knitting and the products that I end up from just a ball of yarn and two sticks (I still am amazed at this), there is no comparison to a warn blooded decent guy sleeping next to me in bed. That is what makes me feel comfortable, cozy and safe. Forget the scarves! Oh, well! To have both the husband and the scarf, now that would really be comfort, coziness and safety!

I solved my dilemma about not having a project with me when having to wait at events by taking the time to come up with a simple project to keep in my purse. Now I'll never have to feel envious of other moms knitting away because I've been too busy or rushed to grab my project before "running" out the door. This is a simple k1, p1 rib in a lovely shade of Kiwi wool that I'll add flowers to in bright colors of orange, pink and red. So a little bit of planning solved that issue. And since putting it in my purse, I've yet had an opportunity to work on it - but I know it is there and I'll keep it with me all winter if need be, since it can also be worn in early spring if it takes that long to complete!

There is a Lion Brand scarf pattern that I have seen that is super long and I'm kind of motivated to craft it as a sign to the Universe to send that great, decent guy over my way. The scarf is so long it can be shared between two people. How cute! There is another cute pattern I've seen of a sweater knit for two people to wear at once and I've always thought that if I remarry that would be fun to wear but I have my doubts that a guy would go for my sense of creativity and humor. I've had the nice wedding at the hotel and the big church extravaganza. Next time I'd love something fun and very different - Vegas wearing the sweater and scarf for two!


  1. Happy knitting! My own experience with grieving led me to decide that, with or without a lovely man beside me, I will enjoy life in all its fullness. I have to remind myself about this decision constantly or I live in suspended animation. I've been unsuccessful finding a guy who holds my interest for any length of time. Part of the grieving process? I don't know. I keep opening the door of any decent dating opportunity, because I trust God is moving me along. I ask God why He would give me this urge to relate as a couple if He's not going to fulfill it. I can't control the future. I know God loves me. I can control my outlook here and now, so I treasure the here and now, while looking for the next door to open. I guess we have to keep the faith, don't we?

  2. Flo - Your attitude is a good one. I have to constantly remind myself to live fully even though I'm on my own and do better with a partner. It is a tough battle. I'm will never give up on the desire to find a mate but dating in middle age as a widow is pretty crappy. Wish I could say it is a fun adventure. Maybe I need to pretend that it is instead of seeing it as a chore!