Sunday, October 17, 2010

Apples Made into Apple Pie

I, of course asked my son about his buying dinner for the homeless guy. He didn't think it was that much of a big deal, which is why he didn't tell me about it.

Coming home from football practice, he noticed the 30ish looking man holding a sign asking to work for food. Since the man was near a McDonald's, my son thought about him as he passed by and turned around at the stoplight. Pulling up alongside the man, he offered to buy the man dinner. I figured my son went through the drive through window to get the guy something, but no, he wanted the man to eat what he wanted so they went in together and he had the man order for himself - Big Mac, fries and a shake.

Then my son sat down with the man for a while. He learned the man was from Minnesota and had lost his job about a year ago and then his home. He is traveling down to the south where he knows someone he can live with but ran out of money. So, he is currently living in his car while trying to work for gas/food. I asked my son if he knew where the man had worked but he hadn't inquired. I was also curious if he had found out how many people actually help this guy. My son replied that it is pretty hit or miss, not consistent assistance from the public.

Thinking about this incident made me feel high all weekend. My son just shrugs his shoulders and takes it for granted. "I had a few extra bucks on me," he explained. It is no big deal what he did for a man out on the street down on his luck. I worry about the fact that I only have a mere seven cents left in the checking account and payday is still two weeks away! I am scouring my belongings for something I can bring to the pawn shop (I still have some gold rings that have been "lost" in the move). I hope my son's act of kindness is returned back to us in the next couple of days. I try to keep in good spirits despite our own hardship. Perhaps instead of a sign offering to work for food, I can sell hand knitted pot holders on the street corner? They'll start referring me to the "Pot Holder Lady." I AM KIDDING - kind of...

My son took the values I have always believed in myself - helping those less fortunate - it is why I chose a career in social services. I wrote in my last post that it looks as though those values (apples) didn't fall far from the tree because he has internalized them. Those apples were baked into an apple pie, the aroma warming my heart all weekend long. I am counting on that pie to give me strength through the rest of the month. Would my son have done the same if my husband hadn't died, and we were still living in our home and not facing such financial hardship ourselves - my guess is probably. But this pie tastes all the more sweeter because my son's action came from a deeper and more profound place of understanding.


  1. That was a wonderful act of kindness your son did.I felt encouraged reading about. During all of the many struggles you and your children have been through somewhere they pick up empthy,compassion, caring. I think they learned them from you and the strength you have had to show up front when things were falling apart. Remember part of his action i believe come from what you have in you even if you do not realise it.

  2. Isn't it funny when you know how it is, and you are willing to help others even though you really don't have it to give? My family and I are a lot like yours. Recently, my son/daughter will give money from their small paychecks to someone who is standing outside of Walmart collecting money for a worthy cause. They understand how it is to be without, and how many people have help us along the way that we have never met. I am always in awe of that, and so grateful. They have compassion in this hard, hard world that we live in. I know exactly how you feel when you see them do something good. I see that I have made a difference in their lives, and in turn, they make a difference in others. It just keep going, and going............

  3. Anonymous - It is so nice to hear kind words and I thank you for passing them my way. If you had asked me 10 years ago what I hoped I would end up teaching my sons the most, it would be exactly what my son ended up demonstrating with his actions here.

    Jeanne - That was absolutely wonderful what your kids did. Where I live, I see a lot of pretty selfish young people who would not consider giving up any part of their paychecks. You deserve some credit for their actions and kindness too!