Monday, January 10, 2011

Ode to a Purse

After three years of making due with whatever has already been in my closet, I ended that period of deprivation with a purchase of a much needed purse today. A $12.00 purse from Family Dollar, no less. But I have wanted it since seeing it in the fall. And it is making me very pleased and happy. I love the plum color as I usually carry green bags. Purple/amethyst is supposed to represent plenty and financial prosperity and I can use all the good luck now whether superstition or not.

And that brings me to having to say goodbye to my present bag. I was lucky to find it in the closet this spring, still with its tag on, a BOGO from Payless some years ago. I ended up loving this bag - the bright green color that cheered me, the large size big enough to carry a paperback, knitting project and small lunch if need be. So although I usually change my bag in fall to one in an autumn color, this year partly because lack of funds and because I loved the bag so much, I just kept using it. And still kept using it up until now when I like to change bags to fit the winter season - a more muted color tone.

I hate to say goodbye to this purse that I would probably have never even used if I hadn't had to go digging for one since I couldn't afford a new one last spring. It is showing signs of wear and I think when items become shabby it is time to retire them. This bag will go down as one of my all time favorites. It served me well and gave me a lot of enjoyment every time I carried it and even looked at it.

I am not into designer handbags but a few years ago did fall in love with an orange leather satchel from Talbots that was almost $200.00. I thought about waiting to purchase it when it went on sale but never got around to it. Funny, how an inexpensive item can bring so much enjoyment and be practical and useful at the same time. This $20.00 bag from Payless I am sure ended up bringing me even greater pleasure than that over priced Talbot's bag.

I like my new plum bag too even though it is not leather - like that it is from Family Dollar and only $12.00. I don't think I'll end up "loving" it but it is nice to have a new bag and to retire one that has served its purpose but is now past its time.

I have come to appreciate the deals found at stores like Family Dollar. I have a new bag that didn't break the bank, looks good and pleases me because I've treated myself to something new, as well as needed.

Goodbye to the old, and hello to the new. Sometimes we have to say goodbye to things we love and let new things in even if they are unfamiliar and different.


  1. Just love your new bag....great color and I do hope it brings you all the prosperity and serenity that the color promises.
    I hope you've been able to make some progress climbing laundry mountain....if it's any consolation, I have a mini-mountain and it is calling my name. I'm just living without the stuff that needs washing and it will get done when I can do least favorite chore.
    We're expecting a big snow storm tomorrow and Wed....kind of exciting.
    Wishing you a free and happy heart. I just know your honesty here is helping so many.

  2. "Sometimes we have to say goodbye to things we love and let new things in even if they are unfamiliar and different."
    Sigh ..... yes, sometimes we do. Sometimes we choose to .... sometimes it's chosen for us. But this is an excellent way to look at it.
    Thank you for that. :)

  3. CCK - What kind words! Many thanks. There was progress with the laundry but it is one of those endless chores and I'd like to be able to say just once, that there is absolutely no laundry to do - NOTHING!

    Good luck with those storms. I have heard the East Coast has been hard hit this winter. We're used to it in Chicagoland although it is not pleasant - we've learned to take it in stride.

    Janine - I had originally planned on getting a new purse 4 months ago but it took that long for me to be able to replace that trusty green bag. I think those 4 months helped me accept my words about saying goodbye to what we love, although while I wrote them my mind wasn't really on my bag but on my husbands, my house and my greater losses. Still, a lesser loss can serve as a lesson and a metaphor for what is more important.

  4. I was just looking at purses the other day, and remembering with fondness the times that my girlfriends and I would go purse shopping. One time, we all bought the same purse, and had them line up in a row. Thinking about those good times gave me a smile, and help me remember when I was so young, and open to new things. Now-a-days, my children called my purse a "suitcase", and I have many things inside of it. Most things I could probably do without, but I have a hard time parting with my "stuff". I guess in a way I have given up so much these last few years that giving up small things is very hard for me to do. Reading your blog may give me the courage to let go of some of the small stuff, and allow me to look forward to the new things coming my way. Thanks for sharing. God bless!!!

  5. It's me anonymous again, last time I wrote I was going on a date. Since then I've been on 4, yes 4 dates!I can't believe it is so comfortable and fun. He had no idea I was widowed just a year ago, that was a little of a shock for him.

    We are playing golf again this weekend which is great. I play several times a week and he does also. He's fun to play with even when I beat him!
    Is it possible to be happy again and back with the living?

  6. I agree that sometimes we have to say goodbye to old, familiar "things" that we love to let in new, unfamiliar "things", whatever they may be. It is part of life and change, whether we like it or not. But, for me, I can not say "goodbye" to my husband and the relationship and love we shared, when I am reminded each day as I look in the faces of my children or see around me the memories we made. I can give away his things, move from our house, etc., but he will forever be in my heart, not to be replaced but shared in the life ahead of me.

    By the way, love the new color of your purse!!!

  7. A - I am thrilled for you and you give the rest of us hope that a fun date can happen for us too. Yes, I firmly believe that it is possible to be happy again and fully back among the living. You are on that path now!

    Beth - Thanks for your lovely heartfelt words. I don't think the love I had for my husband will be replaced but that it will eventually exist side by side another, different and unique love. Or at least that is what I hope for.

  8. I am cleaning out my closet and would love to send you some of the lightly used but pretty nice purses I have. The fun of it is you could use them one and toss them ala Britney Spears!' (Not the other Anonymous - but I haven't set up a profile on Blogger yet.)

  9. The new bag welcomes new experiences. Another nice metaphor! I hope you are well, and not overwhelmed, during this absence from your blog.

  10. Jeanne - I must have missed your comment in between the others that came in and I responded to. Anyway, I really liked what you said about not wanting to give little things up because of having had to give up so much already. I totally relate and feel the same way. Sometimes I allow myself whatever small indulgence I have, e.g. hanging on to something vs. tossing it, precisely because I feel I at least deserve that after enduring so much.