Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

For anyone eager to move past the holidays, they won't need to wait long because Valentine's Day candy is already up at my grocery store. I remember earlier in the season being upset when Christmas lights were put up at Halloween but now that the holidays are over, I feel a bit sad.

Since my husband's death, the holidays have never the same. I was thinking this year about how we no longer ride around the pretty neighborhoods looking at the twinkling lights. I am always so rushed, even the years when we didn't really celebrate much. Now the holidays are over and I feel that I really didn't even have an opportunity to savor them. By the time the dust settles and I am in a place to enjoy the season, it is already over. I suppose this is ditto for whatever season we are in - the elegance of autumn, fun of Halloween, the radiant spring sunshine and flowers. By the time I even realize and appreciate the season I am in, it has already passed and we are whizzing ahead to the next event on the calendar.

I was always busy as a young married mom, but never felt the regret of the passing seasons as I have as a widow. Somehow there was more time because I had more help and a partner by my side to share the season with. It makes a huge difference. I hope this year is different in some way. I'm not sure how I can make my life less busy and full. But I hope in some way to try and greet each special holiday with an intensity I haven't been able to in previous years. Maybe I need to spend a little time each week planning for Christmas and Halloween starting now? I know that in Victorian times the women made all their gifts and the preparations began in the summer. This year I do not want to see the holidays flit by without being able to say that I felt them in my heart!


  1. My daughter saw the Valentine's stuff at Target today and said "Oh come on. We just had New Year's yesterday!" They're really pushing it if even 12-year-olds notice and think it's too fast!

  2. I'm with you on this. All that Valentine stuff in the stores is a shock. But I have to confess, I bought Valentines today. I'll be on vacation the end of January and early February so I thought I'd be proactive and get them early.

  3. Thelma - I was wondering if anyone would be buying Valentine things early because it didn't look as though the section had been touched, but now I know who might!

    Vanessa - I thought maybe the items were just out in our section of the country, but apparently not.

  4. What a difference a few days can make!! I was just venting a few days ago and today I want to share some real joy.

    I went to a New Years Eve party by default, I was intending to go to my brother's but ended up with good friends closer to home. Not expecting anything exciting, diner a few drinks and home by 9-10:00. Well, a friend of a friend... dropped by and TaDa I am going on a date!I met a very nice man, he is handsome, very witty and kind. I have no idea where this is going,I never expected it but I have decided to just enjoy the ride.
    Last year was the worst of my life, I never thought I'd make it with my sanity in tact, this year I think will be better

  5. Maybe I won't take my Christmas decorations down. I'll just mix some red hearts in on the garland around the front door. Hmmmm. Good karma?

  6. A - Oh my gosh! I am so happy for you! Yeah! Please report back on how the date goes. Sometimes I am so surprised at how my life can jump from despair to joy in an instant but I think that is pretty common for the widowed or those dealing with loss. Have fun! Isn't it remarkable how life can bring us unexpected gifts at the least expected times?

    Flo - I too have thought about leaving up some holiday decorations longer than usual. Why not?