Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Curse of the Cap Sleeves

Ha, ha. I told my youngest that I was having trouble with a title for this post. He looked at the photos and suggested "Purple Odd Clothing." Maybe the clothing manufacturers should listen to him. Anyway, this post is inspired by the fact that I tried to buy a new outfit for my oldest son's graduation without luck. I ended up wearing a pretty linen top in coral paired with a pair of sage green capri pants. It looked nice with the addition of a multi-colored stone necklace. But I would have enjoyed wearing something new.

After a number of years of being unable to afford to buy new clothing and making due, I am severely disappointed by the choices greeting me in the stores. What is it about the cap sleeves this season? Those cap sleeves are why I didn't purchase anything for the graduation. Really. How many women are lucky enough to be able to wear tops or dresses with them?

The average size of an American woman is 14. And based on the women I've seen in these tops, they shouldn't be wearing them .

Designers take note: if you want to play toward a trend go for it but at least offer other options. To go into Talbot's and not find one top with sleeves other than capped is pretty bad.

Now on to the bathing suit issue. As it is 101 degrees here I decided to get a new bathing suit so I can use the pool in our complex. Went on the "dreaded" bathing suit hunt only to find that the stores don't have any more in stock! I asked the saleswoman at the national clothing store chain when I "should" have purchased a suit and she advised in January. Now that was the time we were dealing with overly harsh winter and I tell you even thinking about a bathing suit was the virtual LAST thing on my mind!

Lucily, I was able to order the absolute last suit remaining in my size online at the store! It better fit because if it doesn't I quess I won't be going swimming this summer. I have heard of some moms who have been unable to find mittens, gloves and hats for their kids who've lost them in January. This is so silly. Appropriate merchandise should remain out and available when it is needed.

And here is my grand finale! My Mary Maxim Craft Catalog arrived in the mail today - the Fall issue! But I just don't have any urge to be crafting pumkins and scarecrows right now!


  1. I wear a size 8 and my upper arms look like a pair of canned hams when I squeeze them into cap sleeves. I'm pretty sure you've got to be a ten-year-old girl with scrawny toothpick limbs to look good in those.

  2. From WITM - Funny. My sister told me that even her middle-school-aged daughter has refused to wear cap sleves.

  3. ROTFL! Oh my goodness. This is how I've been feeling this week. I looked for those things called jeans. Jean that didn't show over half my rearend crack, jeans that didn't look like they had been pre-owned and ripped and certaint places, and certainly not jean in my size but with legs so skinny an ostrich could not put a leg in. Hmmmm.

    Shirts, oh my lord. I've had 3 children, must I show not only the crack but the lines of motherhood also???

    I gave up.

  4. From WITM - I was going to have to consult my little pocket textapedia guide on what rotfl means when my youngest son came home and I just asked him. He knew immediately.

    I am giving up too. Got my bathing suit in the mail after being told I got the last one in my size at the warehouse. They sent the wrong size - too big, so I guess the universe is telling me I'm not supposed to go swimming this summer.