Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yearlong Starbucks Fast Finally Broken!

My oldest forgot his lunch again this morning so I trudged over in the darned cold and could not resist taking a photo of the other "forgotten" lunches awaiting student pickup. This was less than the load that was out on Friday! My son is a good kid. He starts his new job after school. It's the week before Christmas Break and the kids are preoccupied. I'm not going to bash him for being an 18-year-old with a lot on his plate and make him suffer the consequences by having to forage amongst his friends for something to eat. He was voted out of this year's graduating class as:
1. Best Musician (Boy am I proud of him for this!)
2. Most Flirtatious (Even though he has had the same girlfriend for two years!)
3. Biggest Spaz (Whatever that is - I guess it means forgetful!)

The winter storm that hit us brought less snow than expected but bitter chill. Minnesota and Indiana have been really pummeled. But still, the cold these last few years has been hard for me to bear. Winter brings with it a whole lot of other and extra widowhood issues for me. But let's not dwell on that right now. Life is looking up.

It was a super busy weekend with the party on Friday night, taking my son to get his senior yearbook photo taken on Saturday, attending a "Christmas store" held in the community where parents could shop for low cost gifts for their children, choosing two per child and then the holiday concert extravaganza which historically lasts ALL afternoon at the high school, since all the music groups perform. This year they split the concert into two and my son had the later concert performance time. But my girlfriend wanted to see some of her students perform in the first concert (she teaches at the school) so I agreed to go to the earlier concert with her. So I was listening to holiday music from 1:00 in the afternoon until 5:30!

Thank goodness they split the concert into two, which should have been done years ago in my opinion. There wouldn't be enough seats for older folks, people would be reading the paper for the groups their kids weren't in and there was no available parking. This year was bad enough with the stormy weather - on Sunday there were wind gusts blowing snow of 40 mph!

Overall, despite the busyness, it was a good weekend. I was thankful that the yearbook photo was over since my son was so stressed out about it. He kept having me reschedule the appt. because of his minor acne even though I assured him that his photo would be retouched. Then I was able to get stocking stuffers and two gifts for each son for under $20.00 at the "Christmas store." AND my year long Starbucks fast was finally broken! My girlfriend treated me to a venti tea and peppermint brownie after the first holiday concert and it was heavenly!

I started my "fake" part-time job at the restaurant yesterday. It pays weekly and allows me more time to be around for the boys and to look for a "real" job in my field. I'll start up the search again full force after the holidays if the social services case mgt. position I interviewed for last week isn't offered to me. With this job there will be enough for groceries at least and that is a huge blessing! And it is way less work than that awful CNA job but I am the oldest employee there (think college kids with odd degrees that can't find work) and that is a little strange for me. I feel out of my element but am trying to bite the bullet and do what has to be done. Though let me tell you, sometimes that is way easier said then done!

Well, that's a recap of the past few days. I am so grateful the boys will have a modest Christmas. It is so much better than having nothing at all. Everyone seems to be in more hopeful and positive spirits. We still all have our moments - it remains hard at times. But there is food in the pantry, I've made some new friends, my son is graduating with wonderful memories and a solid athletic, musical, social and academic foundation behind him, relations between my family members have improved, I've still managed to maintain a long distance relationship with Sam despite numerous obstacles and the new year ahead seems brighter! And I've realized you can manage to survive without a Starbucks for over a year and still come out okay. In fact, maybe you come out ahead in the end, because that tea and brownie were so much more savored and truly appreciated compared to the days just three years ago when a weekly Starbucks visit was a routine part of my life.


  1. I love this post. You sound so upbeat and...well...happy. I am so hoping you get the job.

  2. Judy - I am glad to be sounding happier. I do feel more hopeful - maybe that is helping my lighter mood. Hope you are doing okay in your land of cold and snow!

  3. I'm happy for you and your sons, and hope you get the social services job. As for Starbucks, I'd love to send you a Starbucks card, if I have your permission to contact you directly through an e-address meant for another person.

    The neighborhood Christmas party I went to last Saturday was beneficial, in that I felt comfortable and shameless being an older single. I guess this means I'm embracing my life as it is. I'm reading David Richo's book, "The Five Things We Cannot Change", and trying to face my circumstances straight on. A two month long romance came apart Saturday night, and I want to find the means to keep caring and trusting life.

  4. Flo - I am happy you went to the party and had a more positive emotional mindset. Isn't Richo's book great? I am rereading my dogeared, highlighted copy. His book, "How to be an Adult in Relationships" is also very good! I especially like and appreciate Richo's view of loving-kindness. Although the marriage I entered into after 2 1/2 years of widowhood devastated me when it ended in divorce, I have never regretted that I took a chance and I continue to believe in the power of love.

  5. I appreciate your kind comment. It's good to hold life lightly in our hands, embrace its opportunities, and accept its flow.

  6. Happy that your weekend was filled with positive things. Still praying for that job for you or one like it!

  7. Flo - Sometimes when life seems overwhelming I just say "Bring it on" because I figure the alternative is not living fully.

    Beth - I am so hoping for a normal, grown-up job and will take any and all prayers sent my way for success in the employment department!