Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hello, 2011!

Ran to the store trying to figure out what to make for dinner tonight - French Toast or grilled cheeses. Didn't see any sausage, ham or bacon on sale so decided on the grilled cheese with soup and pears. Passed by the magazine rack and saw the first ones of the new year! Almost felt some relief. Thank goodness 2010 will be over, along with the holidays. I am not into this seasonal festivities and look forward to the month of January. It seems as though there is so much emphasis on Christmas yet by the time it comes, I haven't done near what I need to and I feel even more dejected and down. The alternative as I see it, is to try and prepare for the month of December a little at a time throughout the year. Then it won't sneak up on us and pass us by just as we are getting our bearings.

I loved the headline for Oprah's magazine: "Hello, 2011! 50 Ideas To Make It Your Best Year Yet." I have a feeling in my bones that next year IS going to be better. My son just got a job yesterday, his 18th birthday. He wore a suit and tie to his second interview. The managers were impressed the first time they met my son - his attitude, maturity and ability to get along with people. He impressed them more the second time by showing up 12 minutes early. Now this is not a place where he needed to wear a suit to an interview but he said he wanted the job so much he was still going to wear one. He starts his job on Tuesday and I should mention that a girl from school works there too so he had an in to the job. I believe that an inside contact really helps in this market. That is also how my youngest son got his seasonal summer job too - from someone he knew at school whose mom was in charge of hiring...

Also, today, I got a part time job at a restaurant through a contact - that nice woman at the food pantry who has befriended me knew of the opening and encouraged me to apply. The hours are during the day and I figure I can take it and still look for social services work. It is down the street from our home and would allow me to earn money for food and be at the boys' school events in the evening. I am supposed to start Monday if I accept the job but I also have a REAL job interview tomorrow for an actual honest to goodness social services job that seems it would be a good fit. Full time hours, benefits, tuition reimbursement - the whole shebang. Wish me luck. I went on the restaurant interview as a back up in case I don't get the social services job and for the practice. But again, it illustrates that when you know someone, you can have an in to a job opportunity.

On a final note, I have been affected by the death of Elizabeth Edwards but I'm still reflecting on my feelings. I do think she demonstrated amazing courage, strength, grace and dignity in the face of much loss and especially what she endured after her diagnosis. She is an inspiration to me as I continue to try and rise out of our circumstances. I too can face my trials with courage, strength, grace and dignity.


  1. That is fantastic news!!! You can be so proud of your son!! For you, I wish you the best of luck to have a great interview tomorrow. Just found your blog last night. And my troubles seemed so small all over sudden. I am a silent reader of Ms Graysea and she mentioned your blog in one of her posts.
    I'll be thinking and praying for you. You are a very strong woman :))

  2. I'm sending you good thoughts for your interview. I soooo hope you get the job and it is as you say it is (benefits etc!). Regardless, in this economy it is still a win to get to the interview stage. Congratulations! I like your thinking 2011 will be better. IT WILL!

  3. Congratulations on everything!!!! Will be praying that your job interview goes well and will open the door to a job that will help you grow and ease some of the financial challenges you have had.

    Can't wait to hear!

  4. Kathrin - Thank you for leaving a comment. I have been reading Ms Graysea and going back older entries to catch up. The photos posted there are pretty inspiring!

    A - Thank you for your good thoughts. It was a great interview and inspired me to have hope in many ways.

    Beth - It was a big step for me to even go on this interview. I have been so scared and down on myself for all that has happened my self-esteem took a tumble. But going today really helped build some of all that up again.

  5. Best of luck. Things are looking up.

    Elizabeth Edwards was amazing, wasn't she? Fortunately, the group that was picketing was hardly noticed.

  6. Thelma - I have always wanted to read her most recent book as it dealt with surviving adversity and will see if I can get it to read now, especially in honor of her passing.