Saturday, June 16, 2012

Country View

Peace in the Country

I have been busy the past few weeks looking after my youngest who had surgery on his shoulder May 30th. My older son and I have also been hitting the highway in my search for a new home in the country. Relocating to a rural setting, which has been my dream the past three years is turning out not to be such an enjoyable experience. I think this is because I have such a short deadline in which to find a place to live, as my current lease expires at the end of July and I have given notice. I am also experiencing first hand that old reality that when you need something you can't find it, whereas when you don't need it, there it is! Over the past year when I couldn't move yet, I found numerous great opportunities. Now it seems that well is dry and I feel a bit discouraged.  

Got to keep the faith and all that. Being able to move out of suburban Chicago sprawl and into a more laid-back and relaxed location has been the dream I've held on to the past three years since having to sell and move from my home. That dream kept me going during some pretty trying times so I've got to hold on now that I really am ready and able to move. But this weekend I am taking a break from the stress and fatigue of travel and house hunting to hang around and cook a nice meal, catch up on the ever constant laundry cycle and so on.


  1. we ARE on the same page ... I am sending you buckets and buckets of luck and karma xx

  2. I'm sending prayers that a path will clear to a new home and a more relaxing life. Keep trusting! In the meantime, could a short term rental in a new area you love make do while you hunt for your new home? If this idea complicates things too much, toss it. I believe in you!

  3. Just look at how far you have come in the last couple of years. I remember those earlier posts of yours and how poor and scared you were and now look--researching places to move to! I LOVE IT!@!!!! Onward and ever upwards!!!

  4. First, I hope your youngest is well on the road to recovery. I have no doubt his WONDERFUL mom took great care of him.

    I know it seems discouraging right now, but I believe there is that "perfect" place just waiting for you. Just hang on to your dream and keep looking.

    I am glad you took a little break -- it always gives one a fresh perspective.

    Looking forward to seeing what is ahead for you -- good things!