Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Strength and Reslove

Tonight was the last Fall Curriculum Night I'll have to attend on my own. Mixed feelings but far more positive than negative. I really needed a shot of motivation to help me get through this next year because in a way, I've already checked out. But hearing my son's teachers praise the students and talk about how much they love teaching inspired me to put my nose to the grindstone and just get through this next year. I owe it to my son. I know it is hard for those outside our community to understand how special the boys' high school is but it is the ONE reason I've remained in this town.

Over and over tonight, I heard the teachers state how wonderful their school is, and the principal always mentions this every time she addresses the parents. The teachers all spoke of how fortunate they are to be able to teach at the school, and to have such top notch students and involved parents.

After getting my oldest off to college, I was feeling somewhat down and dreading having to get through one more year in this town. I am so ready to leave and move to a more affordable and rural location. Finances are very precarious for us right now and I am so very, very tired of struggling to barely make ends meet. That aspect of my life is just exhausting. But I have to keep my eyes and focus on the bigger picture. When all is said and done, later in my life, I hope the financial struggles will be a faint memory but that the memory of my sons attending and graduating from such a fine high school will be one of which I am most proud. Proud that I stuck out hardship to give my sons a solid education leading to college. Proud that they flourished and were popular students, especially after the losses in their lives. This school has been a beacon of stability and strength in our lives when that has been so lacking otherwise.

I have no doubt that the next months will be tough on my bank account and nerves. When times get really low I need to remember tonight. And the pride I felt for our little family, making it through hardship and focusing on quality education. My finances WILL eventually improve. What I've given my sons has been priceless and worth it.

My son's science teacher warned the parents (all of senior students) that the kids can't check out yet. College applications haven't been submitted - it isn't safe to slack off now. I thought that some of us parents are feeling the same way as our seniors right now so maybe my son and I can both motivate each other throughout this final year.

One teacher commented that life goes by so quickly. Senior year will be gone in a blink of an eye and to remind our students to enjoy this final year. In some ways I fear the year will go too slowly since we are struggling financially. I do hope it will be a fast year. As hard as it may get, I have to remember to enjoy these final seasons in a town I once so loved. But gosh, I am so ready to be out of here!!!

I was far less focused on being by myself tonight and tried not to look at all all the couples surrounding me. One mother asked a teacher if her kid could get extra credit since both she and her husband were attending. Lucky kid, I thought to myself to have both parents but a pretty stupid request from a silly woman. Then I thought that extra credit should be given to every kid at the school who had an only parent attend. Wish I had had the nerve to make my request like silly, married woman did.


  1. What a blessing to have a school for your children to truly love and teachers that care deeply about their students. I know you sacrificed personally, but you gave your sons this incredible gift! Your time is coming. I believe you are experiencing "senioritis" just like your son. But you WILL get through it with much to look forward to experiencing.

    As far as that woman - what can you say - she just isn't thinking about anyone but herself! You should have raised your hand and said, "Excuse me, I have been both mother and father to my children for the past 7 years, can I get extra credit too?" Can you imagine the looks on people's faces!

    Praying that this year will go smoothly, quickly, with great blessings, and THEN, you can take the next step for YOUR life.

    Much love,

  2. Beth - Last night I went through the classes with my son and he was eager to hear comments about his teachers and what I'd talked about with his girlfriend's parents (they have two classes together so I saw them). I did tell him about the silly woman's request for extra credit and today he informed me that he got extra credit in that class - I guess the teacher ended up giving it to all the kids in the class whose parents (be it one or two) went to the open house. It would have been terrible if those kids who had two parents there got extra, extra credit.

    I sure do have senioritis in the worst way!