Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

When I was a kid, Labor Day really meant that no one was working except at the hospital. If you needed gas or groceries you waited until Tuesday or prepared by buying them over the weekend. No one went out to McDonald's - we had cookouts with our family. Today that has all changed and what makes me feel sad is that the people I think need and probably deserve the break the most - those working in the service industry of sales and fast food, are actually still working on the day created to give everyone a rest!

Speaking of a rest. My oldest came home from college for the weekend, but this was not a planned visit. He advised me he was coming home while already on the train back. When he texted that he was bringing laundry, I actually groaned out loud. Laundry? I have to do MORE laundry over this holiday weekend? I did the laundry, although one of the nicer aspects of his being away is that there is less to do now. And for those who'd say I should have made him do the laundry, well his girlfriend of 2 1/2 years just broke up with him, and she was the reason he came home in the first place. I let him sleep in and have a bit of a break before heading back.

I've heard of women in my town who have gone to visit their kids away at school and have spent weekends cleaning their apartments. I don't think I'll ever end up doing that. For one thing, I'm just too tired these days for any more 'labor" or any more than I have to do. I do believe that my tiredness and weariness in regard to housework and such does relate directly to the many years I've been doing it by myself.

I just read that having to make decisions on one's own constantly is a huge responsibility and ends up causing significant life stress. I can attest to that. Apparently a lot of the stress ends up being in regard to fear of making the wrong decisions and then having to live with oneself when a wrong decision is made! Anyway, it is hard to always be the one deciding everything and having to make decisions without input.

So as for labor, I'm ready for retirement and a very long rest with my feet up! (I'm not kidding.)


  1. Hi: Welcome back to blogging. I am glad that you were able to fix the problem. You were missed!

    I DO have so much respect for those working in the service/retail industry. I worked Labor day because Monday is the day I am scheduled to work to get card orders in for the bookstore. Even at a Christian bookstore, we get, as we call them, "high-maintenance" customers. My job does not require much customer interaction, but I watch as those around me, including my son, work hard to take care of the customer. I am in awe at the patience of each employee as they deal with each customer. This is why I now tip bigger and thank louder as I am being served.

    I am very sorry about your son and the break up of his girlfriend. It is heartbreaking, as I am sure he cared very much for her.

    I totally get it with the decision making and responsibilities placed on us being the only parent. Those who are not in this situation can understand the magnitude of the stress and wear on us both physically and emotionally.

    You've done a great job -- look at your sons -- despite the hardships!

    Much love,

  2. Beth - Hope all is stable at your end. I too, pay attention to what I tip and how I thank these days as well. I think that my son's girlfriend is going through a lot with her college move out-of-state. I wish she weren't so hasty - it has only been a few weeks but she claims she cannot handle a long-distance relationship. My son said he is in no hurry for a new girlfriend - that 2 1/2 years is a long time. But he'll be okay surrounded by all the new friends he is meeting.