Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crazy Life

Just wishing for a little peace and tranquility these days. The past weekend has been a bit crazy with Prom. Then my debit card was involved in fraudulent activity - someone tried to use it in California but my account was flagged and the account closed before any money was withdrawn from my accounts - thank goodness for that! But it is disconcerting to know that my info. was obtained including my PIN # - I guess I feel as though I've been violated in some way. Tonight at Knit Club another member had the same thing happen to her debit card over the weekend in California as well. We both use the same bank. I was glad to know it wasn't some weird curse on me - apparently a number of other folks in the community were targeted.

To top it off, my sons' vehicle was hit by a baseball during batting practice in the high school parking lot on Monday - the entire front windshield will need to be replaced and I'm still waiting to hear if the school will help with the cost - my insurance deductible is $500.00 so I'll be paying for it without insurance reimbursement.

Those events have kept me hopping. Need a little R&R and time off to myself. It gets so hectic at the end of the school year. And I honestly have come to believe that life's glitches are much easier to deal with when shared with a supportive partner - facing all this stuff on one's own is very tedious and wearing - physically and mentally.


  1. I’m so glad I found you through the A to Z challenge. I look forward to visiting again.

  2. I can relate so well. With being split between two households -- mine, three children/young adults still at home, a home/house to maintain, and all that entails; and my parents, where I help care for my mother who is in constant pain and health declining, I am exhausted also. I was thinking today how different it would be to have my husband here to share the load. My sons are very helpful, but it's still not the same as having my partner.

    I'm sorry about your debit card. Another thing to "deal" with! My son's card had been compromised a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, he checks his statement everyday, but like you said, it's disconcerting to know people are stealing from us and violating our privacy.

    I hope all gets resolved with the windshield. :(

    You HAVE had a challenging few days. I do hope you can get some time to yourself to relax.

    Thinking of you.

  3. This reminds me of the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times."

    The more "interesting" our lives get, the more valuable becomes the day when somebody can ask you "what did you get up to today?" and you can reply "not a thing."

    Happy Mother's Day in advance... may it be uninteresting ;-)

  4. I have felt the same way, its worse than raining on someones parade. I've gotten more of a sense of humor about it though and joke about it. It helps but still not the same as having that closeness of my husband to share it with.

  5. Happy Mother's Day (on Sunday). Sounds like you are ready for a rest, hopefully the boys will bring you breakfast in bed - or something. I'd love to hear more about your Knit Club, it sounds interesting. Have you read Friday Night Knit Club? It's a great, albeit bittersweet book.

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  7. I have been reading your posts....thank goodness that you still have your children to keep your life hectic! You are very brave and I admire your courage, I hope you had a happy mother's day.
    You have inspired me enough to start my own blog!

  8. Ugh, that sucks about the debit card--just what you needed, right?! I had the same thing happen a couple of years ago; apparently people can "skim" your information from a tampered-with card reader and load it onto a blank debit card, so they can pull money out of your account even without having your actual card. The fraud department at my bank told me that gas stations are one of the most common places for this to happen, and I've been really leery of using my debit card to buy gas ever since.

  9. Sylvia - Thank you for visiting.

    Beth - I know you truly "get" what I post about and I really appreciate that. I have been there too, helping my parents, and it is a heavy load to bear. There really is nothing that can replace having a loving, helpful partner/husband/friend in one's life. Hope you had a good Mother's Day. You deserve it too!

    Mojo - I try to tell myself that my life being so full has advantages, but I really am looking forward to some boring, humdrum days in the future!

    Am I Truly A Widow? - Wish I could have more of a sense of humor about all this stuff but I just don't have that personality. Good for you for being able to take life more in stride - I'm working on it though...

    Better is Possible - I have read the Friday Night Knit Club series and love them, though wish there wasn't the death ending in the first book. I will write more about Knit Club. My boys did give me a card each on Mother's Day - strangely they weren't signed, although they were both very cute and displayed cats on them as we are a cat lover family. The boys signed the cards when I pointed out I will want to know who gave me which one in my old, declining years sitting on my chair, cat in lap, looking through old memories...

    Black Widow - I am glad to have inspired you to start a blog - have fun!

    Vanessa - Didn't know about gas stations. My bank told me they also have cameras and some kind of devices where they can be in the vicinity and get the info. without using a skimmer. Makes me leery of using anything but cash - honestly, as this happened to me before a few weeks before my husband died.

  10. Remember, bad things come in threes so I think you're safe now. That is terrible to hear that your community was targeted. It's scary how much your identity is at risk these days! I never use anything but my card, but I will now have to think twice about that method- I don't know if my bank would notice someone targeting me!