Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Insurance Nightmare Continues

Bad news - the monthly cost of health insurance at my new job would cost me $764.56, although there is a rate increase April 1st, so the cost will more likely be $789.56. For all practical purposes, $800.00! Had I known this, I would never have accepted this job. I need a job with benefits because I am the sole parent and bread winner. It makes no sense to me to work a very hard, challenging, back breaking job being paid $10.00 hourly, to not receive some sort of benefits. As it stands, if I keep working this job I'll have to get my health insurance somewhere/somehow and I will mainly be working for that. Once taxes are taken out, gas, car insurance and maintenance, I'll be working for practically nothing. I'll end up being an exhausted mom, suffering physically and mentally. Leaving at 5:30 a.m. on the days I have worked has already been a strain on the boys, although we've all survived and it would become easier.

Bottom line - I am not in a position to work myself ragged. This would be a non-issue if I were married. But I'm not and at this point I have to hold out for something better for all of us. That or I really need to get back out there and start dating again so I can possibly meet a man interested in marriage. Because that ultimately is what I am beginning to believe is my only hope to a better life.

There is that saying that Jesus so loved the widows and orphans. I have not seen any evidence of that. At one point today I broke down in tears. I just need to get my footing back for a little while. I can't seem to get a grip on any smooth, even and safe surface. I just keep slipping down. I can't seem to catch a break but not for lack of trying. I thought taking this short-term CNA program would help get my foot back in the door. Or are all employers these days not offering their employees benefits? I've always thought that people work full-time for the benefits. And that employers try to provide some benefits to draw and maintain decent employees.

Maybe I've been out of the work force too long. I don't know anymore. I know that my husband received our health insurance for nothing and Sam only pays $90.00 a month for his family coverage.

I've thought two sad things today. One, that it would have been better if I had died and not my husband. He had a very high paying job and would have been able to better provide for the boys than I have. Second, fantasies of dying flitted about in my mind. What a relief to not have to worry and deal with any of this stressful crap anymore. But I don't believe my poor boys deserve anymore hardship. So it is probably better that the boys have at least one parent around. Granted, a poor parent but one attending their sporting events and making them dinner. One making sure there is health insurance coverage and looking out for their well being when no one else seems to be too concerned about their welfare.

It is hard to be optimistic because I feel I'm back at square one again. I'm a distressed mom craving an ounce of relief. I'm willing to work but not for nothing. I have to present to the Universe that my time, energy and skills are worth more than nothing. But how much more time do I have to wait for that? I think the widow has earned it.

And I'm still sick! I can't seem to kick it. And now my oldest has it and it pretty miserable. This makes me all the more aware of how much we need health insurance. Being sick drives the issue home.

Here are the options at this point -

1. Not work at this job and be able to have "free" health insurance coverage for the boys and I

2. Continue with this job but lose the health insurance from the state and basically be working just for the insurance

3. Ditch this job, keep the state insurance for the time being and keep looking for a job with better benefits


  1. I am completely not up to date on the Health Reform Bill. But if that passes in the next few days will that make a difference for you? I did read something about it changing the guidelines for medicaid for a family of up to 4 to $30000. Like I said, I know nothing about it, since I have no insurance and will wait to see if the plan offers something affordable for me. I don't make enough to buy a plan outright and make ends meet.
    In the meantime, can you keep the job and forgo the insurance and keep the old insurance? What is your timeframe for making a decision?

    I am sooo very sorry that you are having to go through this. Like yo don't have enough to worry about.

  2. Kelly - If I keep the job, the insurance through the state will disappear pronto! Plus, I have to wait 90-days for the new policy to kick in so we'll be without until June.

    I don't think there will be any Reform Bill policies that will help us immediately.

  3. What is the end profit with this job if you keep it and the job? Is it worth it or would you be better dumping it, keeping the state insurance and looking for something else?
    I know you want to have a job but in all practicality it sounds like the dilemma of the young mom who works and pays all her money to daycare. Talk about between a rock and a hard place.
    May better days be ahead my friend.

  4. I meant and the insurance. Sorry. Tired.

  5. Gosh, I am so sad for you. I too have been widowed for almost a year now, but have not had your experiences. Life is pretty hard, but seems harder for you and I'm sorry about that. I will pray for you too. PS-- I choose option #3. I think if you can find a job in your degree area, it'll pay better and come with better benefits.

  6. I vote for option 3. You're not gaining anything if your entire paycheck gets swallowed up by insurance premiums, and there are lots of companies where the pay is higher and family coverage is much more affordable. You could probably do almost as well making lattes at Starbucks, with a lot less physical and emotional stress.

    Keep hanging on - you deserve better than this.

  7. I too am sorry that you are caught in this no-win situation. It doesn't sound like the job is paying you enough to off set the price of picking up the insurance. I'm not usually one to advise people about quiting a job, but as you lay it out, it doesn't feel like this is the right place for you.

    Whatever you decide, and for what it is worth, know that I will be talking to the universe on your behalf as well.

  8. i've never heard of a job that takes practically a third of your paycheck just for health care leaving the employee with so little to have for food and shelter. doing the math in my head at $10 an hour, even if you worked 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, it feels like something is seriously wrong there. and this on top of your the health concerns that you expressed in an earlier post plus the hostile work environment, i think the scales are tipped enough already without them taking so much money for health care. how does this place keep any employees?

    i have no health care but have been watching this new health reform bill. i've looked at it from the stand point of myself and my daughter and her new husband only but maybe you should take another look at it. there are some revisions there that seem like they could work in your favor greatly. investigating it is work, i know, and you're tired, but it could very possible work for you at this time.

    i hope you don't lose your faith entirely. that's all i'll say about that. i don't want to intrude on your beliefs. i also hope you don't "get back out there" to get married to someone you don't love just for the money. you are worth more than that.

    i wish you peace.

  9. I would choose Option #3. "Just having a job" is not always an answer to the problem, especially if it is creating stress and health issues within your own self/home.

    My husband recently lost his mother and subsequently lost his job for taking time off to tend to his mother's funeral, grieve and care for his father. Leading up to his dismissal, he had suffered through a year of job-related stress to the point that he became depresssed and was having anxiety attacks. Although losing his job cut our income by 3/4's, it was the best thing that could have happened to save his health.

    Fast forward 4 months - now his father has cancer and is living in another state. My husband is the only child and since he has yet been able to find a job, this frees him up to spend the next two months tending to his father's care. And, just yesterday he received an opportunity to work that would bring us closer to getting back on our feet...needless to say, I told him that this wasn't the best and only opportunity and he should use this window to be with his father.

    Even though I want to control everything, I realize that the only control I have is to accept this process of life and make the best of it one day at a time.

    Quit your job - get your health back in order and then look for another opportunity. You won't have the strength, time or resources to find something better if you're breaking your back trying to make a difficult situation better. Some jobs are just not worth it in the end. PS - can you get your big box job back?


  10. Stick with "just having a job"--everything will fall into place (I hope). Maybe the new Health Care Reform bill will help, if it doesn't take too long to be put into action. I don't know--it sounds all convoluted to me, but then.....

    Keep your faith in all this. Sounds like such a platitude, but it will help.

  11. I think I vote with those who say you should quit your job. If quitting right away won't look bad to another potential employer, maybe that's the best thing for now, espeically when you're not feeling well. I'm pretty sure the new health insurance bill won't help you until forever. I don't get why it doesn't take effect right away, but if you can get health care through your state for right now, maybe you can find another, better job. Good luck.