Friday, February 26, 2010

Bragging Rights

My oldest was crowned "Mr. ______________ High School" tonight, the first Junior in 10 years to snag the award. The contest included a fashion/modeling, costume, talent, dance, fund raising and question competition. My son performed a song he had written the words to and musically composed. His dancing was very good, the costume excellent. I was absolutely blown away when he won as he had told me that the crown would almost certainly go to a Senior. In fact, my son was only one of two Juniors to be in the show of 12 contestants.

My son writes amazing songs, and we considered having him try out for American Idol this past summer. But that plan kind of fell apart when I had to become so involved with selling the house. I told him that performing in this contest would be another way of gaining some exposure.

Unfortunately, this competition fell on the same weekend my son was supposed to go out-of-town for a band trip. His band director was very upset that my son chose to perform in this contest and not go on the trip. Two boys had to pull out of the competition already and he had been told that if he couldn't perform, they were going to cancel the show. My son was raising money for a charity set up for the friend who died this summer and his conscience led him to participate in this show.

This week, all of my son's teachers wished him luck in the show EXCEPT his band director. It will be a sweet victory for my son when he goes to band on Monday having received the crown. Yes, he got an actual plush crown and flowers! I am a proud Mom tonight.

I am thankful:

1. My girlfriend attended the show with me so I did not have to go alone.
2. My son was acknowledged for his amazing talents.
3. My youngest wasn't jealous of his older brother's victory.
4. For the wonderful surprise of my son winning unexpectedly.
5. That renting the Elvis costume paid off last Sunday.


  1. Congratulations to your son, for the choice he made in memory of his friend, and to you, who I am sure gave him much encouragement! You should be a proud mom! :D

  2. Thank you for your congrats. I should mention that this was a charity event with the proceeds from ticket sales going back to the community and Haiti. As proud and happy as I am, it is also bittersweet. A part of me mourns that my son's father was not part of this.

  3. Yes, I understand completely!!! I am a widow also (6+ years) and it is those times that can be so wonderful and difficult all in the same moment. You are doing a great job!

  4. Beth - Being at the 6-year mark of widowhood, I really appreciate having a reader at this "seasoned" stage.

  5. Congratulations to your son - that's terrific!

  6. I may be "seasoned" but it is still VERY difficult for me, as you well know. My husband died in November 2003, shortly after yours. It's been quite challenging -- I have 4 children. Keep writing -- I'll keep reading.

  7. Vanessa - Thanks!

    Beth - Again, it means a lot to know that there is another woman out there admitting that even years past it remains difficult. I really believe that the majority of people out there truly assume that after the first years or so we just magically get over it. Take care and hang in there.

  8. You have so much to be proud of ... your boys seem like truly terrific kids. Congrats (to them, and to you as well)!


  9. Congrats to your son!! That is outstanding! He made a choice from the heart and it just goes to show when you follow your heart you won't be led astray. Sounds like he has a promising future. GREAT JOB MOM!!

  10. How great! Congratulations to your son. Shame on the band director. Your son did the right thing.

  11. CCC - Thank you for acknowledging my boys - I so often feel as though they have been the real forgotten victims here.

    Kelly - You are so right about the choice from the heart. I assured him that if he did so all would work out in the end. The fact that he won the whole competition was sweet reward.

    Thelma - The band director ended up sending my son a text message while the band was still on the band trip. It started out, "You won?" I am so glad my son won just to have a bit of justice with his band director! The director went on to say that he no longer felt so bad about my son not going on the trip.